Future-Proofing Environmental Sustainability in Cannabis
By Bethany Moore
October 4, 2021
/ Education

Future-Proofing Environmental Sustainability in Cannabis

Learn more about future-proofing environmental sustainability in cannabis with Will Vizuete and David Vaillancourt today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry.

Dr. William Vizuete, Ph.D., is Chief Scientific Officer, and co-leads the Byers Scientific Emissions Analysis division, and is a key member of the Byers Mitigation Technologies division product research and development team. Dr. Vizuete is also a radio DJ on WXYC 89.3 FM and specializes in Jazz and Jamaican Music.

David Vaillancourt, founder, and president of The GMP Collective — specializes in assisting cannabis and hemp businesses to ensure profitability and compliance through repeatable quality by design principles, formally known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). David Chair’s the NCIA’s Facilities Design Committee.

We talk more about Future-Proofing, which is a topic many NCIA committees have been focused on and discussing across the board for months now, with lots of great blog content on our website to refer to. We dive into the basic idea behind what “future-proofing” means aside from simply preparing for the future. The cannabis industry is doing our own thing in a lot of ways and going above and beyond. We discuss where the crossover between what we’re doing on our own to future-proof versus what rules and regulations are out there that require or encourage this at the state or federal level, as well as preparing for federal legalization and what’s coming in the future.


Dale Sky Jones | Oaksterdam University

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