Future-Proofing Hiring In The Cannabis Industry
By Bethany Moore
April 19, 2021

Future-Proofing Hiring In The Cannabis Industry

Learn more about Future-Proofing Hiring In The Cannabis Industry with Kathy Knutson, Ph.D. and Dr. Kathryn Birmingham.

Kathy Knutson is an Independent Contractor with ImEPIK – who sits on NCIA’s Education Committee for a second term. Dr. Knutson consults internationally with food, dietary supplement, and cannabis manufacturers on recall investigations, problem-solving, training, and Food and Drug Administration compliance. She conducts hazard analysis, risk assessments, and recall investigations for the root cause and control of pathogens, specializing in the development of Environmental Monitoring Programs for ready-to-eat foods.

Dr. Kathryn Birmingham, COO of ImEPIK Dr. Birmingham ensures product and service standards for research-based interactive online training. She leads teams that research and design training solutions while tracking impact. She is a former University of Florida professor and Dean of Arts & Sciences for Florida State College with experience overseeing a Biotechnology Degree Program with food testing analytical lab and is certified as a Lead Instructor for the FDA regulated standard curriculum for the Preventive Controls Qualified Individual.

We talk about how our industry’s workforce is evolving and maturing and particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic when our industry was deemed an “essential business” in most places dispensaries and manufacturing facilities and grows stayed open but how we’re doing business has changed because of social distancing… including hiring new employees and how to onboard and train them.

We saw an increase in online everything including interviews and training went online as well. One thing I see within our industry, thankfully, and smartly, is to not only prepare for what the bare minimum requirements are in our industry but actually to be forward-thinking and proactive and future-proofing their companies by going above and beyond. We dive into their thoughts on that subject and much more on Future-Proofing The Cannabis Industry with Kathy Knutson, Ph.D., and Dr. Kathryn Birmingham today on NCIA Cannabis Industry Voice.

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