Global Cannabis Venture Capital Investment
By Bethany Moore
September 23, 2019
/ Education

Global Cannabis Venture Capital Investment

In this episode, we spoke with cannabis venture capital investment Canopy Rivers‘ President and CEO, Narbe Alexandrian. Canopy Rivers is a cannabis venture capital investment and operating platform with a strategic partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation. Canopy Rivers is a unique cannabis venture capital investment and operating platform. The company is managed by an experienced team of qualified financial and technical professionals with deep industry experience and relationship networks, but what makes Canopy Rivers truly unique is the company’s strategic partnership and cornerstone investment from Canopy Growth Corporation.

Our industry is very fast-moving and every year it seems there are new states coming online with medical or adult-use cannabis laws, thus creating business opportunities in those states. We talk about Narbe’s thoughts on where the cannabis industry and market are going to go in the next 2 to 5 years, plus hemp and CBD products. The U.S. is on its own slow journey to reform cannabis laws, and we saw Canada recently legalize and Mexico is well on its way, not to mention what’s happening in various other countries around the world. We talk about how we’re really seeing a global cannabis market emerge.

New Cannabis Market Expansion

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