How Cannabis Companies Pivoted Marketing During COVID
By Bethany Moore
April 19, 2022
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How Cannabis Companies Pivoted Marketing During COVID

Tune in to hear more about How Cannabis Companies Pivoted Marketing During COVID with Dan Serard today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice. Dan has been working in the cannabis industry for over four years. Currently, he heads business development and strategic partnerships for Cannabis Creative Group – a top marketing agency in the cannabis industry. He is a member of many cannabis associations and serves as a committee member of the NCIA’s Marketing and Advertising Committee. Cannabis Creative Group (CCG)’s services include branding, strategy, packaging, SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, and email marketing, and has been a leader in digital marketing in the cannabis industry since 2017.

We bring up that 5 letter word that we’ve all learned to adjust to as much as we can in the last two years… COVID. It definitely impacted everyone including the cannabis industry, however, we have deemed an “essential business” in most places which were kind of groundbreaking for me at least. So we talk more about how COVID has impacted our industry, and what Dan has been seeing in how it’s changed how the cannabis business is marketing their products and getting customers in the door. So as we’re mostly vaccinated and the hospitals are moving in the right direction as far as cases go, in-person events are returning, maybe we’re over the big scary hump here. But we dive into what can we expect in the future as long-term or even permanent changes because of what we’ve been through. As well as what should we be thinking about as an industry as we move forward.

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