Service Solutions | 10.26.22 | Show Me the Money – The Current State of Cannabis Lending

NCIA’s Service Solutions series is our sponsored content webinar program which allows business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and industry solutions directly from our network of established suppliers, providers and thought leaders.

In this edition originally aired on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 we were joined by the experts from cannabis-focused financial institutions FundCanna, Safe Harbor Financial, and AVANA Companies to dive deep into the current state of cannabis lending with leading industry journalist John Schroyer of Green Market Report.

A decade after California and Colorado became the first adult use states, the regulated U.S. cannabis market encompasses over 70,000 cannabis-related businesses. Shockingly, most of those businesses still lack easy access to debt and other forms of growth and operating capital. From federal prohibitions and the impact of IRS regulation 280e, to state and local taxation issues, the costs of operating a regulated cannabis company continue to remain nearly unendurable.

Learn what may change in the coming six to 12 months so you’ll know how to access debt capital most cost-effectively in this ever evolving environment. No matter your place in the industry or the supply chain from cultivators, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, distributors and retailers this conversation will provide the insights to meet your financial needs.

At the conclusion of the discussion our panel hosted a moderated Q&A session to provide NCIA members an opportunity to interact with leading minds from the financial services space, join today to contribute to future conversations!


Adam Stettner
Founder & CEO

Sundie Seefried
Founder and CEO
Safe Harbor Financial

Sanat Patel
Co-Founder and CEO
AVANA Companies

John Scroyer
Senior Reporter
Green Market Report

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline

00:00 – Session Intro

01:09 – Moderator Intro

01:45 – Panelists Intro

02:13Equity vs. Debt: With equity dried up, should cannabis companies be looking at debt financing to grow now?

07:28Equity vs. Debt: What do borrowers need to do before approaching a debt provider (vs. an equity provider)?

13:25Equity vs. Debt: What can cannabis companies or entrepreneurs do to improve their overall credit worthiness prior to seeking capital?

17:16 – How has the interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve impacted capital markets (and the industry at large) in 2022?

26:07Audience Q&A: “If there’s “no reason not to have banking” for your cannabis business how can I easily (and inexpensively) establish and maintain a compliant bank account?”

28:56Lending: What significant lending challenges are your clients currently facing within the industry?

33:56Lending: What advice can you provide business owners for evaluating lenders that you should (or shouldn’t) work with and tips for avoiding predatory lending practices?

39:05Cannabis Reform: What impact do you expect President Biden’s recent announcement will have on the industry?

49:32Audience Q&A: “Are your financial institutions planning to offer lending and banking services in New York, New Jersey and other new markets?”

51:42Audience Q&A: “With the mindset of “Investors are betting on the Jockey not the Horse.” What type of CEO or founding team would be a red flag or not a viable investment?”

55:19Audience Q&A: “How can I start to shift my retail company from being primarily a cash-only business?”

58:00 – Final Thoughts & Contact Information

1:01:24 – Session Outro & Upcoming Events

1:05:03 – NCIA Member Appreciation Credit Sequence


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