Service Solutions: Taking Your Profits Higher – Navigating the Maze of Cannabis Marketing

NCIA’s Service Solutions series is our sponsored content webinar program which allows business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and industry solutions directly from our network of established suppliers, providers and thought leaders.

In this edition originally aired on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 we were joined by Fox Rothschild LLP whose national cannabis team discussed discussed how agencies and companies can comply when marketing products.

A successful business relies on marketing and advertising to grow and bring in new customers. But what happens when those promotional efforts are heavily regulated or even restricted? These are questions and hurdles cannabis businesses face, but there are ways to navigate this maze.

Join our presenters Josh Horn, Bill Bogot and Vijay S. Choksi, as they discuss;

• How agencies and companies can comply when marketing products;

• Provide an analysis of state laws and regulations; and

• Identify trends in how cannabis products are being sold and advertised.

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline

00:00 – Session Intro

01:30 – Moderator Intro

02:05 – Panelist Intro & Company Background

03:10 – Conversation in Context

04:04 – How is marketing & advertising cannabis different than other industries?

07:45 – How is marketing & advertising for cannabis different from state to state?

13:40 – Are these state restrictions for cannabis OK under the First Amendment and do similar state constitutional free speech protections exist or apply here?

15:25 – Virginia State Board of Pharmacy & Thompson Case

16:26 – Central Hudson Case & The Four-Part Test for Commercial Speech

19:57 – Equal Protection Challenges on the Horizon

26:00 – California Cannabis Consumption Event Permitting Process

31:39 – How is marketing & advertising for hemp-based CBD products different than other industries?

37:28 – What is a curative healthcare claim and how can cannabis (or CBD-based) companies develop creative methods to comply while still distinguishing themselves?

41:40 – What trends and challenges do you see on how cannabis products are being advertised and sold?

47:34 – Telephone Consumer Protection Act Concerns

49:59 – Audience Q&A

52:44 – Are marketplace sites a way around the regulatory environment for advertising for these companies?

55:40 – Final Thoughts

56:13 – Outro

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