Guest Post: Managing Your Talent – Your Greatest Asset!

By Carole Richter, CRichter ~ HR Consulting

You’ve hired your team! Now, how do you manage that talent?Crichter6

Most small business owners have demonstrated they are savvy enough to have launched an organization under the most demanding circumstances in business today. But I believe all small business owners go through a rude awakening when they realize the demands of being responsible for every aspect of that business – marketing, legal, accounting, IT, operations, and human resources. If HR isn’t one of your strongest skill sets, I hope to share insights that will build your HR competencies!

Your people are your greatest asset. Are you wondering how to maximize their value to you and your organization, and vice versa? Here are what I consider to be the top five steps to take to drive results and ensure success.


What are your organization’s goals for the next year? Do you want to increase revenue by 20%? Increase production by 10%? Once you have one to five goals for the organization, set team goals that directly support the organization’s goals and individual goals that support the team goals. Then, everyone is aligned with your vision.


You have to tell the teams and the individuals what those goals are so 1) they have purpose, and 2) you can hold them accountable. Remember, communication is the exchange of information. So collaborate with your teams and utilize their input and ideas. Make time to communicate with all the individuals that work for you – regularly and frequently.


Golden StarCompetitive compensation and benefits are important, but most of us place more value on other forms of recognition. Have you witnessed the expression on an employee’s face when thanked for a stellar idea? Have you seen the flush of pride when an employee is publicly recognized for a job well done? The gesture costs nothing but your time and effort. There are many zero-to-low cost means of rewarding employees that one can consider.


As a new manager, I found this to be the most difficult task to learn – to address poor behavior or performance immediately. Always discipline in private, present the issue for discussion, consider the employee’s side, and work together towards a solution. If the behavior or performance can’t be improved, then you need to get better talent. Often, the business suffers solely because we are avoiding confrontation.


Communicate your vision and compel employees to follow you by being collaborative, decisive, and respectful!

Carole Richter, CRichter ~ HR Consulting

Managing your talent can be one of the most difficult and rewarding aspects of being a business owner. The task is difficult because you are always dealing with variations on a theme! The people and the factors involved in each developmental opportunity are rarely the same. But, when your employee succeeds, you succeed.  

Carole Richter, owner of CRichter ~ HR Consulting, has been a member of NCIA since May 2014. Carole consults with owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses to support, complement, or develop their skill set in talent management. She offers extensive experience in recruiting, training and facilitation, employee relations, negotiation and conflict resolution, talent management, leadership development, and succession planning. 

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Training has been Maureen McNamara’s gig for over 20 years. Having cut her teeth in the rough and tumble hospitality world, Maureen realized her 20+ years of experience were well-suited to serve the burgeoning cannabis industry.

In partnership with the National Cannabis Industry Association, Maureen now offers a certification course in food safety for edible manufacturers as well as a responsible vendor program for budtenders, owners, and managers to teach them to sell safely, knowledgeably, and responsibly.

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