Committee Blog: Child Resistant Requirements and Challenges

by NCIA’s Packaging and Labeling Committee
Nancy Warner, Assurpack; and Rachel Kane, Sure Lock Packaging, Inc.

Child Resistant requirements for cannabis products is part of the regulatory structure for almost every state that has legalized marijuana for both medical and adult use. These requirements pose challenges to the entire supply chain from growers, manufacturers, dispensaries and customers.

Child resistant packaging is defined by the CPSC on a federal level. Most states refer to the CPSC guidelines for testing and certification of packages. There is no such thing as a child proof package. There is only a child resistant package as defined by the CPSC or other state cannabis regulators.  

No one likes child resistant packaging – that’s a given. It is used because regulations require it. The cannabis industry is one of only a few that have to use this type of special packaging.  

Start your search early in your development process to find the right package solution. Customization takes time with your manufacturer to design, develop and engineer to meet your branding and production needs. There are both single use and multi use child resistant packages. Ask your regulatory advisors which type of child resistant feature you need to use for each type of product.

Make sure your child resistant packaging has been tested and certified by an approved ASTM third party testing agency. Your packaging manufacturer should have the certificates from these outside agencies for you to have on file to support your regulatory compliance.

Costs for these certified child resistant packages are going to be more expensive than non child resistant options. Build these costs early into your total spend.

Our industry is going to push the design and engineering solutions for child resistant packaging to support the branding and marketing of all these great new products. Other issues such as sustainability and use of recycled materials will also be demanded by the cannabis industry. Manufacturers and suppliers of child resistant packaging will have to step up their game to support this new and exciting industry.


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