Webinar Release: Positioning for Prosperity – Insurance Essentials for Social Equity Awardees

Webinar Release: Positioning for Prosperity – Insurance Essentials for Social Equity Awardees

In our ongoing commitment to providing timely and essential education to the cannabis industry, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) recently hosted a thought-provoking webinar titled “Positioning for Prosperity: Insurance Essentials for Social Equity Awardees.” In collaboration with NCIA’s Risk Management & Insurance Committee (RMIC), this webinar delved into the critical considerations surrounding insurance needs within the cannabis industry.

Led by a panel of esteemed experts, the discussion navigated the intricate landscape of insurance coverage, specifically tailored to address the needs of social equity awardees. From exploring the advantages and disadvantages of social equity programs to addressing challenges such as information inaccessibility and skyrocketing premiums, the webinar provided valuable insights for businesses seeking to navigate the insurance landscape.

Key topics included:

  • Defining social equity awardees and discussing their advantages and disadvantages in the industry and market.
  • Exploring the unique coverage needs for social equity awardees.
  • Examining real-life examples of what has and hasn’t worked in the cannabis industry regarding insurance coverage.
  • Understanding the differences between state requirements and optimal coverage for cannabis businesses.
  • Exploring other financial requirements that help social equity awardees establish sustainable companies.


Angela White
Equity for Industry Program Manager
Success Centers SF

Antoine Mordican
Native Black Cultivation

Nichelle Santos
Founder, CEO
CannaCoverage Insurance Services

Matthew Johnson, CICS
Risk & Insurance Consultant

Cimone Casson (Moderator)
Minorities for Medical Marijuana

Throughout the webinar, participants gained insights into how to position their businesses for success in the evolving cannabis landscape while gaining a deeper understanding of the vital role organizations like CANNRA play in progressive policy improvement.

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry! You can watch the full recording on our YouTube channel below.

At NCIA, we remain committed to providing valuable resources, education, and insights to empower businesses and individuals within the cannabis industry. Stay tuned for more updates, webinars, and events designed to support your journey in the cannabis space.

Thank you to our panelists, attendees, and the RMIC for their contributions to making this webinar a success.

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