Joining the National Cannabis Industry Association means being represented alongside other top businesses committed to building a strong and prosperous future for the nation’s cannabis industry. In addition to enhanced political representation, NCIA membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities; elevated national brand awareness; exclusive access to market intelligence and critical educational content; substantial discounts on major events; as well as valuable product discounts and a listing in our member directory.

  • Political Representation

    Above all else, being a part of your industry’s trade association supports our efforts to change outdated federal laws that hamper the potential growth of the cannabis industry and the bottom line of every business in the industry. From working to provide better access to banking to seeking reforms to the tax code, NCIA is working every day on issues of great importance to the cannabis business community. NCIA also runs the only cannabis industry Political Action Committee in the country, which can only accept donations from individuals associated with member-businesses. The NCIA-PAC provides financial support to strategically positioned candidates for federal office who support our mission of bringing about a fairly-regulated and legal cannabis industry.

    • Networking

      NCIA regularly hosts networking events in key markets throughout the United States. Our events are well known for attracting the best and brightest operators and business owners in the industry who enjoy learning from each other and exploring business opportunities in a casual environment. Members of NCIA not only gain access to these events (usually at no charge) but also have the opportunity to sponsor events to help increase brand awareness.

      Members also have the option to get involved with NCIA committees, giving them the ability to form deeper relationships and work in a collaborative way on issues specific to their segment of the industry.

      • Information

        Members receive free or discounted access to NCIA's industry-renowned educational events hosted in key markets throughout the year. NCIA maintains a blog and monthly newsletter to keep members current on key developments in the industry. NCIA members also receive free access to the BDS Analytics GreenEdge market intelligence platform, providing them with highly valuable data and analysis for cutting-edge decision-making.

        • Member Discounts

          A host of B2B discounts on products and services is available to NCIA members, who often report covering the full cost of membership through their utilization of this benefit.

          • Industry Recognition

            All members get a listing and link in our association directory, which is a go-to resource for professionals looking for the top names in the cannabis industry. Sponsoring and Sustaining members receive logo placement in the directory and rotating impressions on NCIA’s home page.

            Members also receive a welcome message on NCIA's social media accounts, as well as a window decal and a digital “member badge” to use on their website or promotional materials to display their involvement with the industry’s national trade association.

            Members also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and promote their expertise on the NCIA blog and on the Cannabis Expert Calling Network, exclusive to NCIA.