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Apply Now to Join One of NCIA’s Member Led Committees! 

One of the best ways to increase your engagement with NCIA is to participate on one of our member-led committees. Committee members keep a finger on the pulse of our industry by meeting virtually to discuss current pain points for their industry sector as well as solutions for those problems. Members work together to write blogs, publish industry reports & white papers, produce educational webinars, and develop policy-related call-to-actions. These resources are vital for informing industry stakeholders, lawmakers, and the general public. This is also a great opportunity to not only ensure your company is included as a thought leader in the industry and gain brand exposure, but also give back to the industry through sharing your expertise.

Community Collaboration

NCIA Committees are hubs of cross-collaboration and offer unique networking opportunities by bringing together professionals that are committed to advancing the industry. You can collaborate, share knowledge, and establish meaningful relationships that can open doors and create opportunities. Individual committees as well as all of our Committee Officers meet regularly on a monthly basis to discuss their own projects as well as identify areas of collaboration. 

Many of our committees also engage with our Social Equity members through a “Hot Seat” and “Ask Us Anything” style platform. In this forum, our Social Equity Members complete a short questionnaire, then attend a virtual meeting to have their questions answered by committee members. This is a valuable opportunity for our Social Equity members to not only get curated advice on how to advance their business, but also get connected with other business owners in the industry. 

Essential Education and Industry Insights

NCIA Committees empower members with the unique opportunity to produce and contribute to educational content. Our Committees actively create content that benefits the entire industry and provide expert insights into various issues, trends, and challenges impacting our industry. Interested in what type of projects our committees have worked on? Take look at some of the content our committees have produced this past term:

Amplify Advocacy

NCIA Committee members contribute to the development of talking points and actively participate in our in-person Lobby Days in unique ways, such as meeting with the Committees on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry this past year. NCIA Committees also take an active role in advocating for federal policy that affect their respective sectors. For example, NCIA’s Hemp Committee published this call to action, encouraging the industry to contact their representatives about adding amendments to the Farm Bill which is set to expire soon.

Still not sure committee involvement is right for you?  Don’t take our word for it, read what Banking and Financial Services Vice Chair, Kameron Richards, has to say:

For existing NCIA members, applying for a Committee is a straightforward process. In order to apply to a committee, your company should be an active member willing to maintain your membership throughout 2024. Appointees may serve on no more than one committee at one time.  Companies may only hold one seat per committee.  Appointees must be engaged in all committee meetings and committee work, and should expect to commit 3-5 hours/month on committee-related work. 

For those who are not yet NCIA members, now is the perfect time to join and seize the opportunities our Committees offer. By becoming a member, you gain access to this powerful network and countless resources that can elevate your involvement in the cannabis industry. You can secure your  membership on our website today, once your membership is processed, apply to join one of our Committees during the application period here

Joining an NCIA Committee is a transformative opportunity for those who seek to maximize their impact in the cannabis industry. These Committees not only empower you with knowledge and connections but also provide exclusive opportunities for content creation and cross-collaboration. Whether you’re a current member or considering joining, don’t miss the chance to collaborate, learn, and make a difference within the cannabis industry.

Take full advantage of your membership benefits and apply for a committee today!

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