Cannabis Vaping – Avoid Being an Easy Target | 10.12.23 | NCIA #IndustryEssentials Webinar

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, staying informed and educated is paramount. The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) understands this need and presents its premier digital educational series, the #IndustryEssentials webinar series. The latest installment, “Committee Insights: Cannabis Vaping – Avoid Being an Easy Target” is a deep dive into the world of cannabis manufacturing risk management.

A Changing Landscape: The 2019 EVALI Outbreak

The year 2019 brought a significant shift in the cannabis vaping landscape with the EVALI outbreak. This crisis stirred up the cannabis vape industry, causing some businesses to become easy targets in the court of public opinion. The incident prompted a critical need for companies to design safer products and expand their due diligence testing during the product development phase. With vaping remaining a popular form of consumption, particularly among GenZ users, the industry found itself at a crossroads.

A Journey into Risk Management

NCIA’s second vaping webinar of 2023 addressed these challenges head-on, gathering industry experts to discuss what their companies are doing to avoid being easy targets, prevent another EVALI-like crisis, and navigate an industry in the absence of regulations. The session focused on key learning objectives, including risk assessment and due diligence protocols, best practices and manufacturing standards during product development, youth prevention strategies, and insights gained from emissions testing of vape products.

A Source of Valuable Insights

This webinar was a source of invaluable insights, covering risk management strategies that are crucial for manufacturers in the cannabis industry. It highlighted the significance of risk assessment and due diligence protocols, enabling businesses to determine consumer exposure limits. The presentation of best practices and manufacturing standards helps set industry benchmarks, ensuring product quality and safety. Addressing youth prevention strategies is essential for responsible cannabis consumption. Finally, the discussion on emissions testing of vape products provides information for creating a safer industry.

Becoming Part of the NCIA Community

If you found this webinar valuable and wish to access more educational content and networking opportunities, consider becoming a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Membership opens doors to a wealth of resources and opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Sponsorship Opportunities

For businesses looking to gain visibility in educational programs and webinars like this one, NCIA offers sponsorship opportunities. Partnering with NCIA can help companies establish a presence in the industry and connect with professionals and enthusiasts.

In conclusion, NCIA’s commitment to providing timely, engaging, and essential education is evident in its #IndustryEssentials webinar series. The “Committee Insights: Cannabis Vaping – Avoid Being an Easy Target” webinar brings us closer to understanding the risks and challenges faced by manufacturers in the cannabis industry. As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed and educated is key to success.

Future Editions of this Series

This is the second of five in a multi-part series of #IndustryEssentials webinars. You can watch Parts I & III plus register Part IV & V at the links below.

Episode I – Committee Insights: Mapping the Vape Landscape: Where are We and Where Do We Go from Here?” [Watch Here]

Episode III – Committee Insights: Where Risk Assessment Integrity Meets Policy – [Watch Here]

Episode IV: Committee Insights: Cannabis Vaping – Beyond the Pen – [Date & Time TBD]

Episode V: Committee Insights: Dabinar Special Edition – Dabbing 101 – [Date & Time TBD]

Stay tuned as more details surrounding Parts IV & V will be announced soon!

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates from NCIA, your trusted source for cannabis industry insights and knowledge.

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