A Therapeutic Alternative


Kimberly Cargile has been dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry in California for almost 15 years now, as an advocate and educator. With 14 years’ experience operating dispensaries and 20 years cultivating cannabis, Kimberly has gained invaluable industry knowledge. As the C.E.O. of A Therapeutic Alternative, a locally permitted and State licensed storefront dispensary in Sacramento, Kimberly is proud of the fact that various government officials have commended her on her model operation. Over the last few years, Kimberly has mentored and partnered with many of her employees founding 9 more cannabis businesses including 6 more dispensaries, 2 cultivation sites and a manufacturing company, all without any corporate funding.

In 2006, when she graduated Humboldt State University as a Presidential Scholar with a degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology and a focus on Social Justice, she moved to Sacramento and began her advocacy for patients to City Councils, Board of Supervisors, and the State Legislature. She has been an educator to local and State governments advocating for regulations that protect consumers, the industry, the environment, and the public alike.

Kimberly provides fully transparent tours of A Therapeutic Alternative on a regular basis to government officials in order to educate them on the operations of the cannabis industry. She has provided numerous tours to Senators, Assembly Members, The Bureau of Cannabis Control, The Department of Public Health, The Department of Food and Agriculture, The California Department of Fee and Tax Administration, The Franchise Tax Board, The California Highway Patrol, The Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Association of Cities and Counties, The Rural Counties Association, Chiefs of Police Association, City and County officials from throughout California, Neighborhood Associations, Doctors and College Professors.

A Therapeutic Alternative has been a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association since Kimberly became the E.D. in 2013 and is the longest-standing member of the California Cannabis Industry Association, joining on day one. She speaks regularly at colleges, hospitals, and for various organizations in efforts to spread education of cannabis as medicine. Kimberly is respected for her knowledge, ethics, and compassion.

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