Committee Insights | 4.7.21 | Hot Topics for Accounting and Tax for the Cannabis Industry

In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series originally aired on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 we were joined by members of our NCIA’s Banking and Financial Services Committee to explore various topics around cannabis banking, accounting and tax.

Get your questions answered as it relates to 280E tax and 471(c ), other cannabis state and local tax considerations, cash and inventory management procedures, legal entity structure, cannabis tax planning and cannabis banking issues.


Curtis Winar
Director, Strategic Services
Cannabis Industry Practice Leader – Frost, PLLC

Peter Su
VP, Private Banking/Cannabis Banking Team Leader
Dime Bank

Naomi Granger
National Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals

Keyston Franklin
Halo Holding Group LLC

Catalyst Conversations | 4.6.21 | Demystifying Facilities Design Planning

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