State Regulations Committee (SRC) | The National Cannabis Industry Association

State Regulations Committee (SRC)

This committee will examine and review the varying cannabis industry-specific statewide regulations and work to establish best practices or guidelines for states and municipalities to facilitate the development of regulations and compliance procedures.

Committee Members

Maureen McNamara - Chair
Cannabis Trainers
Michael Cooper - Vice Chair
MadisonJay Solutions LLC
John Barnes
Veritec Solutions
Juli Crockett
Sean Donahoe
Sean Donahoe
Patricia Heer
Duane Morris
Jillian Hishaw
Agri-Business Consulting
Tanya Hoke
Galen Diligence
Greg Huffaker
Canna Advisors
Genny Kiley
Emerge Law Group
Yvette McDowell
Yvette McDowell Consulting
Lauren Mendelsohn
Law Offices of Omar Figueroa
Barton Morris
Cannabis Legal Group
Carolyn Schaffer
Thorburn Walker LLC
Sam Tracy
4Front Ventures

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