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NCIA hosts a weekly podcast with guest members who share their experiences, challenges and successes operating businesses serving the legal cannabis industry.

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NCIA’s Government Relations for Cannabis in Washington D.C.

Today on the show, we speak to Michelle Rutter and Michael Correia. Michelle is government relations manager for the National Cannabis Industry Association. Prior to working for NCIA, Michelle was a research analyst at a government affairs firm in Washington, D.C., where she analyzed and tracked legislation on numerous issues. Michelle graduated from James Madison University in 2012, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in History. During her studies, she held a year-long internship with the Virginia House of Delegates member Tony Wilt. Michael Correia is director of government relations for the National Cannabis Industry Association. His focus is on raising awareness and building support for the cannabis industry’s issues on Capitol Hill. In addition, Michael works with other national organizations to increase the cannabis industry profile nationally. Prior to joining NCIA, Michael spent many years working on Capitol Hill, including working for Rep. George Radanovich (R-CA), who retired in 2010, and the House Committee on Resources, serving three different Chairmen. Previously, he was director of federal affairs for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and senior project manager for the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget.


Paving the Way for Sensible Drug Policy for the Future

In this episode of NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice weekly podcast, we are joined by Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy). Betty joined the SSDP team in February 2014 as Executive Director and has since led the organization through its most substantial growth: the member base and campuses on which SSDP is present have doubled; staff and offices supporting those members have tripled; global presence has quadrupled; and as a result the policy change and education efforts members are leading have grown immeasurably.
Since 2009, Betty has specialized in community outreach, public relations, advocacy, and policy reform as a consultant to or staffer for cannabis related businesses and nonprofit organizations. She served as spokesperson and advocacy director for Colorado’s successful 2012 Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the collaborative committee responsible for legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults in Colorado, and was the Deputy Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association in 2013, the organization’s fastest year of growth. Prior to her work in marijuana policy and medical cannabis, she was a volunteer leadership professional with some of Denver’s most well-respected nonprofit organizations, ultimately leading a team of 4,000 volunteers who contributed over 40,000 hours of service annually.


Protecting Cannabis Businesses By Providing Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

In this episode of NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice, we are joined by Mallory Czuchra, Marketing Director at National Cannabis Insurance Services. They help cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries protect their business by providing comprehensive insurance solutions. They work with cannabis business owners to review their exposures and provide insurance options to help them determine what is best for their business. We talk about insurance nightmares that she has experienced, as well as the regulatory differences from state to state.


Revolutionary Products For The Cannabis Community

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Kevin Love. Kevin is the Director of Product Development at Cannabiniers, who produce a line of high-quality cannabis-infused products, including Brewbudz, Two Roots and Just Society. The vision behind Cannabiniers was to create revolutionary products for the cannabis community that are easily consumed and enjoyed as part of daily life. The merging of cannabis with their products, delivered in a sustained and environmentally conscious way, invests them in the responsibility of caring for both their customers and the environment. Kevin talks about infused products and edibles and how they are becoming an increasingly popular market with cannabis consumers. As well as how the regulations are constantly changing from state to state when it comes to cannabis.


The Cannabis Industry Should Get Legal Support From A Cannabis Attorney

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Rachael Ardanuy of RZA Legal. Rachel graduated from the Florida State University, earning Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Real Estate. Following graduation, she managed a corporate restaurant and obtained a real estate sales associate license in Florida. After a few years, Rachel decided to return to school and earned her law degree, graduating with honors for academic achievement and dedication to providing pro bono service. During law school, she gained valuable experience as an intern at the Florida Supreme Court. Upon becoming a Florida attorney, Rachel practiced law in Jacksonville, Florida for a number of years in the areas of estate planning, probate, guardianship, family law, and civil and criminal litigation. During that time, she visited friends and family living in Colorado and, with her husband, decided it is where they wanted to begin the next chapter of their lives. They talk about some of the big reasons business owners in the cannabis industry should get legal support from a cannabis attorney, and how Rachel got into to the cannabis industry.


Cannabis Royalty, Real Estate and Conservancy

In this week's episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice podcast, hear from three NCIA members right from the expo floor of NCIA's #CannaBizSummit held July 25-27 in San Jose, CA. Guests include Jason Thomas of Avalon Realty Advisors, Inc., Afzal Hasan of CannaRoyalty Corp, Brittny Anderson of The Cannabis Conservancy.

Entrepreneurs For The Cannabis Economy, Cannabis Cultivators, And Excellent Customer Service

In this week's episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice podcast, hear from three NCIA members right from the expo floor of NCIA's Cannabis Business Summit held July 25-27 in San Jose, CA. In this episode, hear from guests including Peter Vogel of Leafwire, Tara Croom of Bibbeo Ltd., and Yarrow Kubrin of Special Teams Consulting.

Cannabis Lifestyle, Advocacy, And Untapped Market Niches

Tune in to the latest episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice weekly podcast! We conducted interviews directly from the expo floor at our 5th Annual #CannaBizSummit held last month in San Jose. In this episode, hear from guests including Dr. Bao Le of BAS Research, Scott Rutledge of Argentum Partners, and Victoria Posh of APOP MEDIA.


Analytics And E Commerce Platforms

Tune in to the latest episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice weekly podcast! Guests include Peter Vogel of Leafwire, Tamar Maritz of BDS Analytics, and Socrates Rosenfeld of Jane Technologies.


From Aeroponics To Tag, Test and Track To Radio Frequency

AEssenseGrows VP, Marketing Phil Gibson discusses aeroponics technology for accelerated growth in plants. Applied DNA Sciences Director of Cannabis Business Development Gordon Hope talks about a new solution his company has for providing provenance for cannabis to allow interested parties and regulators to forensically track the origin of cannabis and its byproducts called CertainT.  The system provides an end to end solution to tag, test, and track, all data points captured in a secure cloud-based system for easy access to dashboards and detailed reporting. Finally, Ziel Managing Director Arthur De Cordoba discusses his company’s APEX radio frequency treatment process to reduce total yeast and mold count in cannabis while preserving potency, terpenes, and sensory attributes.


Getting A Cannabis Brand Recognized In Search Engines

We are joined by Buoyancy Digital’s Founder & CEO, Scott Rabinowitz. Buoyancy Digital is a Colorado-based management & digital media consultancy. Principals of the company have been engaged in the timely delivery of profit-building online advertising campaigns & management consulting services for over 20 years. They have bought and sold over $300 million in multi-channel digital media. Bethany and Scott talk about the digital marketing challenges and pain points like paid advertising, Google and Facebook scrutinizing ads and rejecting them. Also about how any cannabis brand who wants to be responsible would handle getting a cannabis brand recognized in search engines to reach their intended customers.


Cannabis Policy and Hemp Policy Defined

This week NCIA’s Bethany Moore is joined by Samantha Walsh, based in Denver. Samantha is an expert in public affairs strategies and legislative policy serving the cannabis and hemp industry, and was also the co-founder of the National Hemp Association and currently sits on the Colorado Hemp Industries Association board. Samantha’s clients include the Marijuana Policy Project, United Food and Commercial Workers Union, and various hemp and marijuana companies ranging from premier edibles manufacturers, dispensaries and cultivation, to cannabis education and advocacy groups.


Process Manufacturing In The Cannabis Industry

Today on NCIA Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Daniel Erickson, Product Strategy Manager with Process Pro, who specialized in process manufacturing. With roots in custom software programming that date back to 1985, ProcessPro has grown to be a leading mid-market ERP software solution for the process manufacturing industry. Daniel has been with the company for 20 years and tells Bethany what it has been like working with Process Pro. He explains his story of how he got into the cannabis industry and where the industry is heading from here. As well as speaking on the current state of seed-to-sale.


Tracking And Reporting Seed-to-Sale

NCIA's Bethany Moore is joined by Jeffrey Gonring, Director of Marketing and Communications at BioTrackTHC. Biotrack was founded in 2010 and became members of NCIA in 2013. They have over 2,000 locations using their commercial software, with offices in FL, CO, WA, and Hawaii. They dive into how Jeffery got into the cannabis industry starting from the watershed moment to how the company developed into what it is now. The cannabis industry is highly regulated. Seed-to-sale traceability is a huge issue in our industry, and it’s required in states with legal cannabis. Bethany and Jeffrey dive into that process plus much more.


Asian Americans for Cannabis Education

Talking about Asian Americans for Cannabis Education as Bethany Moore speaks with Ophelia Chong, founder of the Asian Americans for Cannabis Education and StockPot Images.


Best Strategies for Growing Canna-Businesses

Talking best strategies for growing canna-businesses as NCIA's Bethany Moore is joined by Chris Vane and Terry Gibson from RoseRyan.


Cannabis Education, Training, And Business-Building

Today on NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice our host is joined by Donna Shields from The Holistic Cannabis Network. Donna is a registered dietitian nutritionist and has spent her career in food product development, as a cookbook author and nutrition spokesperson. Her experience is broad and wide, ranging from the US Army Medical Corp, faculty at the Culinary Institute of America and as a health communications expert at Fortune 100 companies. After successfully treating breast cancer with conventional and holistic treatments, she turned her attention to educating about the healing properties of cannabis. Based in the Boulder, CO area, Donna’s culinary cannabis expertise shines through in all her work, including as a contributor to The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook. The Holistic Cannabis Network is a cannabis education, training, and business-building platform for holistic-minded practitioners about medical marijuana and its integration with other healing modalities. The underlying strength of the Holistic Cannabis Network® is its principals life-long colleagues and friends Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN and Donna Shields, MS, RDN. As registered dietitian nutritionists with a combined 50 years of experience, we serve as the bedrock for a business built on education, science, and practical application. We offer a unique combination of well-respected credentials, functional medicine and integrative clinical nutrition experience, health communications expertise, and culinary know-how.


Oregrown Industries, A Vertically Integrated Cannabis Brand

Today on NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice, host Bethany is joined by Aviv Hadar. The outspoken co-founder of Oregrown Industries, a vertically integrated cannabis brand, is a decade-long investor in the world’s largest tech company and comes from a background in digital communications and technology. Hadar was also a founding member of the world’s first million-dollar Kickstarter campaign, which saw over 12,000 backers pledge nearly $1.5 million dollars to bring an innovative smartphone product to life. In 2008, Hadar founded Think Brilliant Media Studios, an award-winning software, and technology company, recently celebrating its tenth year in business—Think Brilliant creators devised the viral “I’m With Coco” campaign, one of the most successful internet memes in history. Before Aviv launched his company and got involved in legalization efforts in Oregon, he was primarily in the tech sector, working on web development. Bethany asks about if he has a personal relationship with the plant, and what sparked his involvement in the movement and industry. Plus what is his perspective about what’s going on at the federal level in the U.S. and where the industry is going over the next few years


Exploring Digital Marketing And Age Restrictions For Cannabis

Today on the show, Bethany is joined by ResponsiTech CEO and Co-Founder Joan Irvine. ResponsiTech is a company that focuses on responsible practices, procedures, and compliance with measures dedicated to ensuring that youth don’t access age-restricted content in the digital marketplace. The mission of ResponsiTech, which helps cannabis companies stay compliant by preventing their products and services from reaching those who are underage. They go into detail on digital marketing and age restrictions also what other types of industries out there have age-restricted products or content that fall into this type of compliance issue. Not to mention what kind of hurdles does this cause for cannabis, which is federally illegal.


Obstacles of Minority Cannabis Business Owners

Obstacles of Minority Cannabis Business Owners discussed as Bethany Moore is joined by new Minority Cannabis Business Association President Shanita Penny M.B.A.

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