#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – NCIA Committee Insights: Harvesting, Ergonomics of Trimming and Contracting

#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – NCIA Committee Insights: Harvesting, Ergonomics of Trimming and Contracting

In this edition of our Committee Insights series originally aired on Monday, December 7th we were joined by a panel of commercial cultivation experts, along with special guests from the Occupational and Physical Therapy industries, for a comprehensive look at the art of trimming and how they handle the final stages of cultivation.

Download the .PDF of the presentation here: http://bit.ly/35mRGCO

Harvesting is a laborious process. Even with machinery and thoughtful process engineering, the bulk of cannabis harvesting, including cutting down mature plants, hanging in drying rooms, and the artful hand trimming necessary for top-dollar bag appeal, are done by people.

For employees and owners, understanding the ergonomics of the harvesting and trimming process, from posture and Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMIs) to selecting the appropriately sized scissors, is an important aspect of People Health. The goal of ergonomics is to largely prevent musculoskeletal injuries and encourage higher, sustainable production efficiencies.


Jordan Stauder
GrowRay Lighting Technologies

Alex Hearding
National Cannabis Risk Management Association

Dr. Chris Hughes
Atlas Performance

LaToyia Rucker
Calyxeum Detroit

Presented By:
NCIA’s Cultivation Committee

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