#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – Service Solutions: “A Budding Industry” – How Filtration Solutions Can Help with Cannabis Extraction

#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – Service Solutions: “A Budding Industry” – How Filtration Solutions Can Help with Cannabis Extraction

NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials webinars are our weekly educational series featuring a variety of programs allowing us to provide you timely, engaging and essential education when & where you need it most.

The Service Solutions series is our sponsored content webinar program which allows business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and industry solutions directly from our network of established suppliers, providers and thought leaders.

In this edition of our Service Solutions series originally aired on Wednesday, November 18 we were joined by the team at Pall Food & Beverage for an in-depth look at the key market trends defining the cannabis oil market, the assorted challenges in the cannabis oil extraction process and the weaknesses which exist in current commonly used filtration methods. While doing so they outlined how to optimize your extraction process and ensure product quality with clarification and color removal solutions.

Download the .PDF of the presentation here: https://bit.ly/3pN6zau

With the cannabis oil market projected to quadruple in the U.S. and Canada, cannabis oil, the oil extracted from the cannabis plant, is on a fast track for growth! Today, the biggest challenge for manufacturers is to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for a high-quality, compound-rich oil with a clear, golden character that is free of chlorophyll. To produce cannabis oil, the compounds must first be extracted from the plant. There are several ways to extract the oil, however, the two most common methods are CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. Following extraction is the challenging process of filtration to remove the undesirable wax that causes haze and the green color from the chlorophyll in the sativa plant. Current filtration methods pose consequences including product loss, reduced quality and consistency, and are not scalable for increasing product demand.

Speakers Include:

Connor Hutcherson
Field Application Scientist
Pall Corporation

Klaas Hesselnik
Partner – Sales and Strategic Development

Sponsored By:

Pall Food and Beverage

We highly encourage you to review the resource documents linked below in advance of or following the session to familiarize yourself with the products and services offered by Pall Food & Beverage. You can also find out more online here: https://www.pall.com/en/food-beverage.html

“Pall “SUPRA” Technologies are Key to Filtration for CO2 Extraction Method in Cannabis Oil”: https://bit.ly/3lSUK05

“Pall Creates Effective Two-Step Filtration Method for Clarification and Color Removal for Ethanol Extraction in Cannabis Oil Production”: https://bit.ly/2K76YE3

“Pall Solutions for Cannabis Oil”: https://bit.ly/3pweBnM

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