MCBA’s Model Municipal Social Equity Ordinance
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MCBA’s Model Municipal Social Equity Ordinance

Recently, NCIA’s Policy Council contributed toward a larger effort by the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) to create model social equity legislation for cities across the country. The legislation’s drafting committee started with the basic framework of the RESPECT Resolution introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee in 2018. The drafters also “borrowed liberally” from social equity ordinances in development in other cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento, “attempting to improve upon these pioneering works with the benefit of hindsight.”

Khurshid Khoja, co-chair of the MCBA Policy Committee and Vice Chair of NCIA’s Board of Directors, led the drafting team. “The Model Ordinance is a statement from the communities we represent to the local lawmakers, regulators, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders who are building our nation’s cannabis industry one town at time – social equity is not only possible, it should be the industry standard moving forward. Our work gives those actors the tools they need to make equity a present reality in our industry rather than a lost opportunity.”

“We are grateful to have had the opportunity to assist the Minority Cannabis Business Association with crafting this important model ordinance,” said Aaron Smith, executive director of NCIA. “As we replace prohibition with regulated cannabis programs, it’s important that the communities most adversely impacted by the disastrous war on marijuana have access to the new economic opportunities of the post-prohibition era. Policymakers across the country should look to this model ordinance as the framework for ensuring that their local cannabis market is inclusive and reflective of the broader community.”

Read the final draft of the Model Municipal Social Equity Ordinance here.

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