Member Blog: Four Reasons ERP Helps Growing Cannabis Companies
By Bethany Moore
March 6, 2019

Member Blog: Four Reasons ERP Helps Growing Cannabis Companies

by Frank Nisenboum, e2b teknologies

Owners, presidents, and CEOs understand that you have to spend money to make money but it’s often difficult to justify investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software when you could spend that money on new equipment or other tangible assets. Implementing the right ERP software can dramatically improve every aspect of your business from employee retention to customer satisfaction with consider cost savings and increased profits. Further, ERP software can significantly increase the value of your business for owners and investors. ERP helps executive leaders to understand what’s happening throughout the business with alerts, dashboards, and tools to make strategic decisions when necessary.

With dispensary ERP, companies serving the legal marijuana supply chain finally have the tools they need to drive innovation and gain insights for expanding their operations. ERP software automates many cannabis accounting functions related to technology, services, and human resources, all while allowing cannabis businesses to organize and manage real-time data from various solutions into a single view.

It’s easy to see why businesses operating in the cannabis industry would have intricate inventory management needs, but there’s another business side to cannabis which many might not consider. The cannabis industry has complex accounting requirements that go hand-in-hand with their inventory and other business processes.

With cloud accounting software built specifically for cannabis companies, organizations within the cannabis supply chain finally have the advanced technologies to support their unique operational and accounting needs. Today’s growing cannabusinesses need to adapt in a rapidly changing environment and when they’re successful, it gets noticed. This often results in company leadership seeking investor funding or entertaining mergers and acquisitions talks. When companies operating in this space attempt to position themselves for growth, they need field-tested cloud accounting software to prove it.

In this rapidly changing industry, here are a few ways an effective, flexible, and secure cannabis ERP solution will allow you to adapt, positioning your cannabusiness for growth:  

Know Your Customers – Data and Predictive Analytics

Dispensary ERP solutions allow you to compile and understand data about your cannabusiness and the marijuana industry as a whole. With a better understanding of supply and demand pattern, dispensaries can make informed strategic decisions about products and operations.  

By capturing relevant data about your cannabis operation, you answer many efficiency and profitability questions. What are customers most interested in? Which products are they buying and in what quantities. How much are they spending? Are there patterns in accompanying purchases or complementing products? These insights and more help your cannabusiness to create customer personas allowing you to better service your clientele.

280E Tax Woes – Accounting

A fully integrated, purpose-built cannabis accounting software package which offers financial reporting, meets GAAP and auditing board compliance standards also needs to be robust enough to handle other complexities within the industry. Does your off-the-shelf solution ensure compliance with section 280E of the IRS guidelines which prohibits a cannabis operation from deducting certain business expenses? If you’re not sure, the answer is probably not.

With modern cannabis solutions available, your operation can fully organize financials by department across multiple locations as well. Dispensary ERP gives you all the financial reporting tools you need for journal postings, purchase orders, invoices and cash management by recording all transactional data in detail, by location.

Staying In Compliance

Regulation and managing regulatory compliance continues to be top priority for growing cannabis companies. As legislation changes, cannabis operators need varying levels of up-to-date reporting capabilities surrounding seed-to-sale traceability, product recall capability, and proper labeling among many other considerations.

Built to exceed compliance standards, your dispensary ERP delivers individual and aggregated reports, unalterable custody tracking with time stamps to provide the real-time data needed for compliance initiatives – as well as for auditors, CPAs and others who will need access to the books.

If you have multiple locations, you will need to monitor, track and record data from each of your locations, jurisdictions, or intra-industry verticals (growers, processors and dispensaries). With one centralized database and integrated reporting, individual factions of your business are no longer operating as silos and staff have access the real-time access to accurate data for regulators.

Growing Your Business – Scalability

Consider growth plans as you look for technology solutions. If your plans include multiple locations or jurisdictions, you will need cannabis-specific software to manage the complexities that arise as a result. If you decide to diversify your product line by vertically integrating other seed-to-sale products, you will need industry-specific solutions to address the inventory, accounting and compliance ramifications not offered by out-of-the-box technology.

Growing cannabusinesses need to work efficiently with suppliers and growers, accurately forecasting demand and staying abreast of current regulations. As a result, your growing company needs solutions which are flexible and customizable with built-in cannabis-specific features.

Like any other business, growing a successful cannabis business requires technology tools to readily handle its industry’s trends and business process complexities. A flexible, powerful and scalable dispensary ERP will help you address those challenges while you continue to expand your operations.

Vice President of ERP Sales, Frank Nisemboum, is a trusted advisor at e2b teknologies who has guided organizations of all sizes enabling them to establish a technology presence and expand their business through technology. His proven ability to analyze the current and future plans of a company and work with team members to subsequently bring technology solutions to the organization result in improved processes and controls that assure continued growth and profitability. Frank has worked in the ERP and CRM software selection, sales and consulting industry for almost 25 years. His strong ability to understand, interpret and match the needs of an organization to the right ERP and/or CRM solution make him an asset to all of his clients.

At e2b teknologies, our passion for solving problems drives us to deliver innovative solutions for everyone we work with. Visit for more information.

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