Black Cannabis Equity Initiative and Minorities for Medical Marijuana Host Pre 4/20 National Social Equity Zoom

Black Cannabis Equity Initiative and Minorities for Medical Marijuana Host Pre 4/20 National Social Equity Zoom

DATE: April 1, 2021 

CONTACT: John Bailey, Event Organizer (BCEI) 720-629-0964 Roz McCarthy, Event Organizer (M4MM) 877-900-0832 

Imani Dawson, Communications (M4MM) 877-900-0832 



Black Cannabis Equity Initiative and Minorities for Medical Marijuana Host Pre 4/20 National Social Equity Zoom | Not  Looking For A Seat at The Table, But Bringing The Table To The  Community 

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2021 | 1:00PM – 6:00PM (EST) 

DENVER — Longtime social equity advocate John Bailey, Founder of the  Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI) and Roz McCarthy, Founder & CEO,  Minorities for Medical Marijuana announce a national social equity collaboration today to advance the needle on social equity in United States by bringing authentic transparency, awareness, accountability and opportunity to the social equity conversation. These Black cannabis leaders have agreed to host a  national pre-420 social equity zoom entitled “Challenges, Choices, and  Opportunity in A Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry”. This national social equity zoom will be held on Monday, April 19, 2021 from 1pm-6pm EST. By peeling back  the curtain with concerned stakeholders, regulators, industry leaders and elected officials from around the country, the two cannabis power players are  collaborating and working to bring others to the table to lift up more voices and 

accelerate the social equity conversation and journey that needs to happen in America. 

“There will be more opportunities for cannabis products availability and Black community participation in the next 18 months than we’ve ever seen in legalized adult use recreationalstates. While legalization sparked what has now grown into a billion-dollar industry worldwide, people of color were largely excluded from ownership in legal cannabis, said Bailey. These new social equity  licenses in cannabis legal states present a rare and limited opportunity to make  real progress by providing local governments and states a framework for  which social equity applicants can access these opportunities.” 

Bailey went on further to say, “in order to be a successful cannabis business, our communities must be united around the social equity message. There is a lot of discussion and dialogue going on around social equity, but no clear definition or shared best practices or examples. BCEI and M4MM will take the lead role in  bringing the Black community and stakeholders together on social equity clarity,  social equity definitions and moving the dialogue forward on social equity in  the cannabis industry in the US.“In putting together this collaboration I was looking for progressive people who were as passionate as myself about social equity and had a history of positive community, governmental, and business commitment to leveling the cannabis playing field. 

Roz McCarthy is the first person to come to mind. Roz and I have met over the years and I have admired her work. In discussions we found there was some common ground in our organizational efforts. We shared ideas on working together on social equity corporate – community engagement in the cannabis space, thus the pre-420 social equity zoom was born. We agreed there are so many committed people around the country who believe in social equity, why not join forces and try to pull them together to share information, expertise, time,  talent and hear about the crucial and important work being done. 

 This national social equity event will mobilize and engage industry leaders,  elected officials and concerned citizens in a collaborative social equity dialogue.  This cannabis social equity dialogue will attempt to bring and keep the social equity conversation at the forefront of the current cannabis industry agenda as we take a broader look at how we define, hold one another accountable, and measure social equity. 

“This is a limited time opportunity for communities of color and the stakes have never been higher,” said Roz McCarthy. “If the country decides to be effective and  efficient in the support of national social equity opportunities in the existing cannabis industry, the Black community will have to lead the way. The Black  communities’ experience in the “War on Drugs”, Model Cities, Affirmative 

Action, the Great Society, and Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives makes us more  than qualified to provide guidance in this space.” Minorities for Medical  Marijuana (M4MM) the country’s largest community based nonprofit organization provides advocacy, outreach, education, and training to communities of color as it relates to social equity, social justice, health equity,  and public policy on a daily basis. 

Anyone wanting to participate in this national social equity zoom can pre-register at: 

Register in advance for this 4/19 meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information  about joining the meeting.

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