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Cova Launches New Campaign to Update the Cannabis Industry Lexicon
June 4, 2018

Cova Launches New Campaign to Update the Cannabis Industry Lexicon

The “Call it Cannabis” campaign urges industry professionals to help further legitimize cannabis by adopting new industry language.

NEW YORK, May 31, 2018 – Cannabis retail point of sale software company, Cova launched a new campaign at the Cannabis World Congress Business & Expo (CWCBE) today. The social media initiative, entitled “Call it Cannabis” urges industry professionals to revise its language as the industry advances. The industry is moving into the mainstream at a rapid pace, and there’s no sign of slowing down. With an estimated 1,000 words for cannabis, Cova believes the time to discuss the power of language is now.

The goal of the “Call it Cannabis” campaign is to spark a dialogue about terminology and how it can further break the negative stigma. “As a cannabis retail technology company, our primary goal has been to legitimize the industry by addressing compliance on the retail level,” said Cova CEO Gary Cohen. “We are committed to continuing the work that will help us transform from the gray market to the legal market, and this new campaign is just another step in the right direction.”

The “Call it Cannabis” campaign launched at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. One week after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed NYPD officers to stop making arrests for public cannabis consumption. The recent advances in the Empire State prove cannabis has come a long way. However, roadblocks remain. “The negative cannabis stigma, reinforced by terms like: reefer, pot, weed and grass – is still around, and has impeded the growth of the industry,” continued Cohen. “We think further breaking the stigma by revising the way we talk about this plant is crucial as new opportunities become available to our clients, and the industry as a whole.”

CWCBE attendees who stop by Cova’s booth will receive a free t-shirt splashed with the simple call-to-action, and are encouraged to share why they choose to call it cannabis on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the official campaign hashtag #callitcannabis.

To bolster campaign reach and spark a broader dialogue, Cova partnered with seven prominent cannabis businesses. For more information about the “Call it Cannabis” campaign, visit


About Cova
Cova is the leading POS solution for the cannabis industry and helps retailers simplify compliance, reduce operational cost, and increase revenue through inventory management, loyalty programs, and a mobile reporting dashboard. The Cova team is relentlessly pursuing the goal of creating the industry’s first lovable POS. With a growing network of cannabis industry partners, a seamless tech ecosystem gives retailers access to the best tools available to run their business. Today, over 20,000 retailers run on the Cova platform in California, Washington, Colorado, and Canada. Cova’s headquarters are in Denver and Vancouver BC.

For more information about the Cova POS suite, menu boards, and digital solutions, visit

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