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Metrc got you stressed? Level up your knowledge with help from experts

Metrc affects cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike. There’s a lot of frustration around using Metrc, and it presents unique challenges for every operation.

The Metrc Master Series is an event series led by industry experts that’s designed to present a broad overview of Metrc and how it affects each part of the supply chain. The goal is to provide valuable education and open up dialogue amongst participants to discuss real-life situations that impact day-to-day operations.

Presentations and Q&A sessions will be led by Blaine Hatab, CEO of Distru, David Hua, CEO of Meadow and Max Esdale, Head of Compliance and Community at Meadow, Matt Mayberry, CEO of Trym, Steve Albarran, CEO of Confident Cannabis, Brad Bogus, VP, Marketing at Confident Cannabis and Stacey Hronowski, CEO of Canix.

“The event provided a platform for open discussions with professionals that are in METRC, dealing with the same problems we all face, and sharing solutions that work!” –Jennifer Gallerani, Blackbird, Director of Compliance

There will be 12 events across California from February 24, 2020 – March 26, 2020. Click an event below to register:

Sacramento – Monday, Feb. 24 at 5pm

Santa Rosa – Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 5pm

Eureka – Thursday, Feb 27 at 5pm

Burbank – Monday, Mar. 2 at 5pm

Victorville – Tuesday, Mar. 3 at 5pm

Downtown LA – Wednesday, Mar. 4 at 5pm

Cathedral City – Monday, Mar. 16 at 5pm

Long Beach – Tuesday, Mar. 17 at 5pm

San Diego – Thursday, Mar. 19 at 5pm

Salinas – Monday, Mar. 23. At 5pm

Santa Cruz – Tuesday, Mar. 24 at 5pm

Oakland – Thursday, Mar. 26 at 5pm



Distru is the No. 1 metrc-integrated software platform for manufacturers and distributors. It’s the all-in-one tool that provides inventory management, order management, CRM, live menus, accounting, reporting and more.

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