Plant Amplifier Gifts Safe Climate Products

Plant Amplifier Gifts Safe Climate Products

After 55 years of self-funded research by Ioan Davidoni, a modern day Nicola Tesla, is shipping free samples. Commercial growers of any crop and healthcare providers should text 936-718-2747. We cover shipping. At click Global Restoration for products, history and documented benefits in 13 articles for plants, people and the planet based on quantic era science. Quantic science is a unified field foundation for all sciences and arts. 

A one year University of Michigan study documented higher yields and nutrition using Plant Amplifier products. An Oregon master cannabis grower with 40 years of experience reports 20% higher yields three years in succession. Hemp Inc, a publically held world leader in hemp and kenaf, will begin a Plant Amplifier trial in September. A 500 acre California hemp farm completes a 90 day trial on 9/18. Virginia’s professor of hemp and other crops starts studies 9/9. A Florida citrus green experiment starts 9/18. A lab, federally appointed in 1960, issues a peer reviewed report on quantic coral restoration on 9/23. We’re designing a Great Barrier Reef renewal plan for Queensland University’s Scott Bryan.  

See USA Today’s 8/29, Massive Raft of Rock To the Reef’s Rescue. In Australia’s 12 year drought, trees that never grow over1-2 feet in the first year, grew 10-30 feet in year one. The Coomara River’s red tide remediated, in two years, in a 60 mile radius. On the coast, whales and aquatic life not seen in 99 years, returned. Hear us on Lancaster podcast, 11:45, 9/3.

Plants thrive in extended 107 degree heat. Pakistan’s Tsunami Reforestation Director requested we amplify their 5 billion tree planting. We plan to offer the Tibetan Plateau reforestation team, the Brazil team and Ethiopia, Iceland,  New Zealand, Indonesia, Niger, Kenya and the faster forest polygenomies campaign an amplifier compliment.

You can buy these products from Plant Amplifier in the San Francisco Bay area or from Chimorel Group LLC by emailing We seek San Francisco Bay Area reseller-partners. A nonprofit, is formulating a quantic era donation program for Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda. 

Plant Amplifier seeks distributors on any scale in any country. No charge to become a reseller. Advertising and support may be available to active resellers. We seek advisers for a quantic era foundation by extending a standing invitation to quantic era safe science national and international experts in the fields of agroforestry, fisheries and ocean remediation, especially if you are from one of the 44 Caribbean nations. We are formulating a safe permafrost climate proposal to compliment/accelerate the goals of, Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace and various indigenous/minority owned agroforestry projects. Text or email us.


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