RoseRyan’s New Cannabis Solution Helps Companies Level Up Their Finance and Accounting So They Can Scale and Grow | The National Cannabis Industry Association
RoseRyan’s New Cannabis Solution Helps Companies Level Up Their Finance and Accounting So They Can Scale and Grow
April 18, 2018

RoseRyan’s New Cannabis Solution Helps Companies Level Up Their Finance and Accounting So They Can Scale and Grow

RoseRyan, the San Francisco Bay Area finance and accounting consulting firm that takes companies further, faster with proven finance solutions, today unveils its Cannabis Solution.

“Today, we’re formally introducing RoseRyan’s Cannabis Solution, which tackles cannabis companies’ most pressing finance and accounting needs so they can accelerate growth, be investor-ready and tap into our strong partner network to help them build their own,” explains RoseRyan Vice President Maureen Ryan. “We’re taking best practices from our experience and bringing it forth, tailored, for the canna industry.”

The solution offers:
• A rapid diagnostic review of key finance and business processes to swiftly expose gaps.
• An outsourced finance team to establish a solid finance framework, bringing both strategic-level expertise plus day-to-day accounting support. The framework includes best practices, systems and processes for reliable and accurate financial reporting, business planning and forecasting, cash management, inventory tracking and more.
• Guidance on optimal fundraising levels, capital uses and growth plan strategies from CFO experts.
• Strategic-level game planning on exit strategies, M&A and partnership scenarios for perpetual readiness for opportunities.
• Access to an ecosystem of expert firms including tax, legal, valuation, payroll and marketing, to help companies build up, or round out, their own ecosystem.

The Cannabis Solution uses best practices at every stage of growth, from startup to enterprise. “I’m impressed with what RoseRyan has brought to the table in terms of a flexible combination of CFO-level thinking and everyday accounting as our outsourced finance team,” says Dr. Paul Lessard, president and chief scientist of Delta 9 Laboratories, a medical and recreational cannabis company based out of Santa Cruz, Calif. “They helped us get our books in order at a critical time with just the right finance expertise for what we needed. I’m confident they will be a valuable resource to those seeking financial compliance and accountability in a newly regulated market.”

RoseRyan has added its finance and accounting expertise to the field with a number of published articles, a webinar and its own blog series. In June 2017, the National Cannabis Industry Association published the firm’s look at how to build a company’s financial backbone. In October, RoseRyan produced a webinar, The Pot Thickens: Building a Successful Cannabis Business in California, that was covered by Cannabis Business Times. Available as a replay, the one-hour panel covers legal considerations, business structures, and several industry issues and opportunities. The consulting firm plans another webinar this year.

Chris Vane, a RoseRyan director adds “Despite some unique challenges to this industry, most business issues facing cannabis companies are common to what others in explosive growth markets experience. They need to get their financial house in order.” He adds, “Our solution professionalizes their finance operations, brings CFO-level insights and preps them for whatever lies ahead. In a highly volatile market, establishing a stable financial framework and a partner ecosystem is critical for success.”

Contact Chris Vane at to learn how RoseRyan can boost and transform your cannabis company. Learn more at

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