March 4, 2015

Guest Post: Mindful’s Master Cultivator, Philip Hague [Video]

by Philip Hague, Master Cultivator at Mindful

I am very excited and honored to the be a keynote speaker at NCIA’s Cultivation Management Symposium in Seattle, March 16-18. I will be presenting on March 17th, focusing on Operations Management: Production, Processing, and Distribution.

In this video, you will see a brief introduction to our Denver facility, where Rolling Stone said “…if your nose is Snoop Dog-calibrated to sniff out only majority primo herb, you might just end up…

We are proud of the work we have done in growing the finest quality small-batch medical and recreational cannabis on a large scale with consistency through beyond organic ​practices. There is a lot to cover and I look forward to presenting what we do and how we have done it. I will start out with the key to any strong operation, genetics, and take you right through our cultivation, harvesting, processing of the highest quality waxes, shatters, hash, live wax, live resin, and on through distribution.

If you have any specific areas on which you would like for me to speak or questions you would like to see answered, please comment here and I will do my best to make sure they are answered at the event. If you would like a private meeting or consultation at the event, please contact

Phillip Hague, Mindful’s Master Cultivator, is widely recognized as the industry’s highly responsible leader of specialized growing practices. Having grown up working in his family’s twelve-acre greenhouse complex, he possesses a lifetime of horticultural knowledge encompassing large-scale commercial greenhouse production, large commercial landscape projects, and extensive knowledge of commercial farming practices. He understands the intricacies of industrial gardening and mindfully uses that experience to grow the highest quality cannabis with an eye toward honoring, protecting and improving genetics. Winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious Cannabis Cup, Phillip has been featured in a number of articles on the cannabis industry including High Times centerfold feature “The Indoor Acre”, in Rolling Stone Magazine, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, Yahoo News, The Wall Street Journal, in foreign press representing some 45 countries and will soon be featured in National Geographic. Prior to Mindful, Mr. Hague was the Master Grower for Golden Goat/VIP Cannabis and Natural Remedies, where he was responsible for warehouse grows and light grow facilities.

NCIA’s Cultivation Management Symposium is just around the corner!

Join us in Seattle from March 16-18 to learn from experts and pioneers in the field what you need to know to operate a successful cultivation operation while staying on top of emerging trends in the evolving cannabis industry. Register today! NCIA members save $150 on admission.
This three-day conference held at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center will showcase presentations from leaders in the cannabis cultivation arena with industry leaders specializing in sustainable cultivation methods and green business practices to learn how to keep your cannabusiness ahead of the curve while providing a positive example for others to follow.

Guest Post: Work and Well-Being in the Cannabis Industry

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