NCIA Board of Directors Results Are In
By Bethany Moore
November 19, 2019
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NCIA Board of Directors Results Are In

The results of NCIA’s 2020-2022 Board of Directors nominations process are in!

Earlier this year, we announced a new application process for our annual Board of Directors nominations. We are appreciative to have received so many very thoughtful and impressive applications from over 50 NCIA members seeking to fill eight available seats.

Here is the selected slate of candidates. 

Narbe Alexandrian, Canopy Rivers

Cody Bass, Tahoe Wellness Center

Omar Figueroa, Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, Inc.

Liz Geisleman, Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc (710 Spirits)

Ryan Hurley, Copperstate Farms

Chris Jackson, Indica LLC (Sticky)

Khurshid Khoja, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Manndie Tingler, Natura


Next Steps

Candidates not chosen during the selection process may now seek an independent nomination to go before a vote of the NCIA membership. Independent candidates must get the signatures (electronic) of 3% of the membership in order to qualify for the ballot.

If no qualified independent candidates are received by December 20, the slate of nominees recommended by the Board of Directors shall be declared members of the Board of Directors and shall commence their term in January 2020.

If one or more qualified independent candidates qualify, all candidates will be presented to the membership for an election in late December.

For information on the process or instructions on seeking an independent nomination, contact NCIA’s Hilary Srole at by Friday, November 22.

Stay tuned!


Video: NCIA’s 2019 Year In Review & Announcing 2020 Dates

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