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NCIA Team Discuss 2018 Progress and Midterm Election Results

Tune in to this new episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice weekly podcast! This week, hear from Executive Director Aaron Smith and Government Relations Manager Michelle Rutter as we discuss important highlights for cannabis policy reform in 2017 and 2018, and analyze the results of the midterm election.


Electrical Engineering Planning For The Cannabis Industry

In this week's episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice podcast, we are joined by Sunshine Design LLC’s Sonny Antonio. Sonny Antonio is an expert on the rule tariffs governing Electric, Gas, Phone & TV. He worked for PG&E, for over 24 years working his way through the ranks from the helper (ditch digger) to a welder to foreman to Management Director, before moving into the private sector. He left PG&E to run UDI/Tetrad where he was in charge for 4 years before starting his own consulting firm, Integrated Utility Consulting Corporation, the parent company of Sunshine Design.

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Raising Awareness About Measure 3 On The Ballots In North Dakota

In this episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by David Owen, from the Legalize North Dakota campaign, where Measure 3, if passed, would make personal use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis legal for adults over 21 and even expunge certain marijuana convictions. Being just days away from midterm elections, David has been raising awareness about Measure 3 on the ballots in North Dakota. David talks about his upbringing in North Dakota and how passionate he is about Measure 3 as well as how confident he is that it will be passed in his beloved state.