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Improving U.S. Military Veterans Quality Of Life Through Cannabis

Improving U.S. military veterans quality of life through cannabis with David White, Communications Director of Veterans Cannabis Project. VCP is dedicated to improving US military veterans quality of life through cannabis. They empower veterans to live healthy, fulfilling lives, while advocating on their behalf for unrestricted and supported access to medical cannabis through the VA just like any other medicine. David is focused on helping U.S. veterans improve their quality of life through access to cannabis. He talks about his role there and his day to day, as well as what’s going on with the organization. We go through what’s going on with Veterans in the U.S. and why they need cannabis to address their health concerns.

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Taking Cannabis Companies Further And Faster

Taking cannabis companies further and faster with Dave Roberson the CEO of Kukuza, a RoseRyan company. Kukuza helps cannabis companies with finance and accounting. Kukuza Associates are committed to taking cannabis companies further and faster with proven cannabis accounting and finance solutions. Accustomed to the hectic, high-risk pace of Silicon Valley, our consulting firm offers a broad range of strategic and tactical finance solutions to meet a cannabis company’s every need, at every stage of its lifecycle. We bring expert cannabis finance expertise to all types of canna companies, including cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, distributors, retail businesses as well as investors. Focused on the unique needs of cannabis businesses, Kukuza Associates calms the chaos, lays the critical foundations to scale rapidly, sets up the company for maximum growth potential, and readies the business for investors and dealmakers. A Silicon Valley powerhouse, Dave leads the charge at Kukuza Associates to help cannabis companies of all sizes and across all segments (growers, extractors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers) reach their full potential by having expert finance capabilities behind them. His know-how on the industry was tapped for an Accounting Today cover story about the few “pioneering” firms that have dedicated solutions to the accounting and finance needs of cannabis companies. Dave previously spent six years as an advisor to tech companies, leading major projects in the areas of finance, strategy, due diligence, capital structure, corporate governance, sales, and human resources. One of those projects involved heading up a dedicated RoseRyan team of over a dozen finance pros who provided transitional services for the Symantec-Digicert divestiture. Dave is also a vice president at RoseRyan, where he is on the leadership team and oversees the firm’s expanding presence in the private equity space.