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More Sophisticated Supply Chains

In this episode, we discuss Sophisticated Supply Chains with Vince NingNabis CEO. Nabis a distributor of cannabis products servicing hundreds of licensed businesses in California. Prior to starting Nabis, Vince began his career as an engineer at Microsoft before founding a software company called Scaphold, which was later acquired by Amazon. Jun started as an engineer at Facebook before founding an artificial intelligence company called Allganize. We talk about how the cannabis industry’s structure is maturing. We started off seeing vertical industries where companies were required to grow, process, and sell their own cannabis, but now we’re seeing more sophisticated supply chains which include distributors, like NABIS.

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Advancing Marijuana Law Reform Legislation

Advancing marijuana law reform legislation with Aaron Smith. Aaron is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Before the organization’s launch, he was a public advocate for cannabis policy reform. Initially, Smith worked with Safe Access Now, a group of medical cannabis advocates based in California. He then went on to become the California State Policy Director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). In addition to his work with the NCIA, Smith has written a number of opinion articles that have been featured in newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. Learn more about NCIA's 9th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days on May 21-23, 2019.

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Helping Businesses Understand The Emerging Marijuana Market

Helping businesses understand the emerging marijuana market with Jeffrey Stein, VP of Sales of Consumer Research Around Cannabis, based in Houston, TX. The company’s goal is to help marketers connect the dots between cannabis customers and the broader North American consumer economy. Consumer Research Around Cannabis provides client-focused research, designed in helping businesses understand the emerging marijuana market. The company offers insights into this category while attitudes and legislation evolve in the U.S. and Canada.

Their research facilitates decision making for clients such as investors, legislators, lobbyists, advocacy groups, advisors, product developers, competitive product companies, and other associated industries. Consumer Research Around Cannabis furnishes credible research to make timely, solid, well-informed decisions. There’s lots of polling out there, such as Gallup and Pew Center polls about legalization. Based on their research, we talk about what are we seeing as far as public opinion or approval in various markets of either adult-use and medical cannabis, as well as what other data points are interesting as Jeffrey looks into this research.


Cannabis Focused Sales

In this episode, we talk Cannabis Focused Sales with Francesca Vavalva, a co-founder of Alias Cann. Alias is a cannabis sales and marketing company based out of Delaware. They offer cannabis focused sales, planning, processing, and marketing services. With cannabis legalization in a majority of states across the country, the time to adapt and innovate has arrived. Alias Cann marries years of expertise in sales and marketing, knowledge of the cannabis industry, and client products or service to create mutual growth. Integrating with Alias Cann is seamless and offers powerful advancement in a quickly growing field. They operate within the client's existing structure, so you can continue to do what you’re good at, and they will take care of what you’re not so good at.