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The Complicated And Ever-Changing Regulations Of The Cannabis Industry

NCIA Host Bethany Moore is joined by Michael Cooper, a leading regulatory advisor to the adult-use cannabis industry helping to understand the rules, the compliance, and risks. He is also Vice Chair of NCIA’s State Regulations Committee and also a brand new member of NCIA’s Policy Council. They speak about the complicated and ever-changing regulations in the business, and how to handle them in the day to day operation, as well as how our actions are being judged, and how important that is for an industry like ours that is a new industry and still federally illegal is being perceived. Michael is also co-founder and managing member of MadisonJay Solutions, founded by executives of a leading provider of compliance solutions for alcohol producers. Drawing on their experience in the alcohol industry as well as legal practice advising companies in a wide range of regulated and non-regulated industries on their compliance systems, MadisonJay helps clients navigate the complex web of ever-evolving regulations that face a nascent industry like adult-use cannabis.


The Ruling For Harborside Health

Today on NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Rachel Gillette and James Mann, attorneys in the cannabis space based in Denver, CO, and New York who focus much of their work on issues related to section 280E of the IRS tax code and beyond. James B. Mann is a partner with the Tax practice group of Greenspoon Marder LLP. Mr. Mann has over 25 years of experience serving as a trusted advisor to a broad range of stakeholders in the energy and financial services industries. He counsels clients on the new changes in the tax law, as well as cannabis tax issues and cannabis tax controversy proceedings. Rachel Gillette is among the first attorneys in the nation to dedicate her practice to the cannabis industry. Since 2010, Ms. Gillette has helped marijuana/cannabis businesses with licensing and regulatory compliance, business law and transactions, contract drafting and review, tax litigation, corporate formation, and tax matters, including audit representation. She works with startups and entrepreneurs, investors, and ancillary industry businesses to help develop the cannabis innovation ecosystem, and is a zealous advocate for the industry. They speak about the ruling for Harborside Health, which is a very well known cannabis dispensary in northern California founded by the famous Steve D’Angelo, as well as if there will be appeals or further action taken.


Comparing The Legal Cannabis Market In The United States To Other Countries

In this episode of NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice, hear from Zac Venegas, Chairman and CEO of Helix TCS, the parent company of BioTrack THC and Cannabase wholesale market. BioTrack THC's technology enables businesses to track every plant and every fraction-of-a-gram of cannabis throughout the production lifecycle including cultivation, harvest and cure, quality assurance testing, and more - bringing transparency, accountability, and meaningful insights to cannabis operations. Learn about his experience working in other countries around the world and how they compare to working with the legal cannabis market in the United States. Additionally, Canada recently legalized cannabis for adults, and now Mexico seems to be prepared to legalize as well. How does this put the United States in a position where we are now falling behind in what will be a global market?


Helping Cannabis Companies Thrive In The Face Of Uncertain Regulatory Environments

NCIA's Bethany Moore is joined by Rebecca Berry, Account Executive with Würk, a provider of payroll and HR solutions. Würk exists to help underserved businesses fortify, comply, and thrive in the face of uncertain regulatory environments. Designed specifically for the highly regulated cannabis industry, the Würk platform allows employers to protect and streamline their operations while providing an environment. They talk about what’s unique about the cannabis industry as far as our workforce and payroll needs. The company's founder, Keegan Peterson comes from HCM Tech and has been a follower and proponent for regulating cannabis.