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April 10, 2017
Episode #21 – Work and Well Being in the Cannabis Industry

NCIA’s Bethany Moore talks to Kevin M. Walters, MS and Gwenith G. Fisher, PhD from Colorado State University to discuss the finding from a project entitled: Work and Well Being in the Cannabis Industry. Some of the questions answered include: Who works in the Colorado cannabis industry? What are health and safety issues that these workers face? How can we optimize well-being among cannabis workers in Colorado? The aim of this NCIA coordinated project was to get a pulse on health and safety in the Colorado cannabis industry on the ground floor, as it continues to grow in Colorado and in other states.

April 3, 2017
Episode #20 – Pioneer Nuggets Profiled

Fitz Couhig is the founder and CEO of Pioneer Nuggets, a tier-2 producer and processor of cannabis. Bethany Moore talks to Fitz about his passion for cannabis, and his environmental outlook as a conservationist. Pioneer Nuggets is an indoor cannabis producer and prides itself in being a quality multi-department company that manages growing, packaging, and sales. Currently Pioneer Nuggets manufactures cannabis for Washington state, however, have plans on expansion outside of Washington state. Bethany also recalls her  visits to the Pioneer Nuggets cultivation warehouse over the past few years going back to when they were just getting started.

March 27, 2017
Episode #19 – Cannabis Retail Strategy and Branding from Native Roots Colorado

We learn how Native Roots Colorado is leading the way in cannabis retail strategy and branding which NCIA recently recognized by awarding them a CannaTech Award. Bethany Moore welcomes to NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice the Director of Public Affairs at Native Roots Colorado, Shannon Fender. In Colorado, Native Roots operates 17 locations — some are recreational, some medical, and some service both. Native Roots bills itself as the nation’s largest dispensary chain. A recent article noted that because of its sheer number of retail outlets, Native Roots is able to control the customer experience and provide consistent inventory and pricing.

March 20, 2017
Episode #18 – NCIA Policy Council Director Steve Fox

Today on the Cannabis Industry Voice podcast, NCIA’s Deputy Director Taylor West teams up with Executive Director Aaron Smith to talk with Steve Fox, NCIA Policy Council Director and Counsel at Vicente Sederberg & Director at VS Strategies. Fox’s background in the cannabis reform movement started in 2002, when he joined Marijuana Policy Project to help with its federal lobbying efforts. In 2005, Fox started SAFER, an organization that was critical in laying the groundwork for the campaign that eventually became Amendment 64 in Colorado, which legalized cannabis for adult use. Fox also helped co-found the National Cannabis Industry Association in 2010 with just 30 original members, which has since grown to over 1200+ members.

February 21, 2017
Episode #14 – Cannabis Policy in D.C. with Guests David Grosso and Jason Klein

NCIA’s Michelle Rutter and Michael Correia welcome Washington, D.C. City Councilman David Grosso and D.C.-based Cannabis Law and Commercial Litigation Attorney Jason Klein. They talk about how Washington, D.C., has proven to be a testing ground for enacting cannabis policy. How will the Trump administration will effect the future of cannabis legalization in the United States? And what will change in areas like the District of Columbia that already have marijuana legalized? Those questions are answered plus they talk about the complex regulations inside of D.C. surrounding new marijuana laws.

February 14, 2017
Episode #13 – Cannabis Advertising Regulations and Your Ad Spending Budget

NCIA’s Bethany Moore talks with Andre Leonard about and his role as Marketing Manager. Leafbuyer is a online platform that finds the cheapest deals for exactly what you’re looking for in your area! They also discuss tactics for looking at advertising for cannabis companies such as using billboards, how cannabis advertising’s regulations can hurt your ad spending budget, and about how Leafbuyer has been associating with other large cannabis businesses such as the Cannabist and Dope Magazine.

February 7, 2017
Episode #12 – Ali Greenstone of Mary’s Medicinals

NCIA’s Bethany Moore is joined by Ali Greenstone of Mary’s Medicinals. We talk about their amazing transdermal patch that you put on your skin to absorb cannabinoids. Also, the need to advance cannabis research in America and a brief chat about, Mary’s Medicinals non-profit. Later, we wrap up with the need for more federal policy reform and what we need to do to keep the momentum going!

January 30, 2017
Episode #11 – How LED Technology Can Lead the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

Christie Lunsford, the Chief Operating Officer of ProMax Grow sits down with NCIA Communications & Projects Manager Bethany Moore to talk about her passion for cannabis education and how ProMax Grow’s LED technology can help lead the way towards a sustainable future. Lunsford has been in the cannabis industry since the beginning of a regulated industry in Colorado, having received some of the first cultivation & manufacturing licenses issued in the City of Denver. In addition to running operations for ProMax Grow, she also runs Endocannabinoidology which is devoted to educating the public about how cannabis interacts with the human body through the endocannabinoid system.

January 23, 2017
Episode #10 – Marijuana Public Policy with John Hudak

John Hudak, author of the book “Marijuana: A Short History” talks with Michelle Rutter and Micheal Correia about marijuana public policy. Hudak is the deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and a senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institute. Marijuana: A Short History profiles the politics and policies concerning the five-leaf plant in the United States and around the world.

December 26, 2016
Episode #6 – Victories of Cannabis Legalization in 2016

Taylor West and Aaron Smith reflect back on the victories of Cannabis Legalization in 2016, as well as successful verdicts in a number of high profile cannabis-related court cases. Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada approved recreational marijuana initiatives Tuesday night, and several other states passed medical marijuana provisions, in what is turning out to be the biggest electoral victory for marijuana reform since 2012, when Colorado and Washington first approved the drug’s recreational use. In addition to the states above, local outlets in Maine are declaring victory for that state’s legalization measure, but with 91 percent of precincts reporting just a few thousand votes separate the “Yes” and “No” columns. A similar legalization measure in Arizona did not gain sufficient support to pass, with 52 percent of voters rejecting it. On the medical side, voters in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas have approved medical marijuana initiatives. Voters in in Montana also rolled back restrictions on an existing medical pot law.

December 12, 2016
Episode #4 – Oregon Congressman and Marijuana Advocate Earl Blumenauer

NCIA Government Relations Coordinator Michelle Rutter and  Director of Government Relations Michael Correia speak with Oregon Congressman and Marijuana Advocate Earl Blumenauer. Blumenauer is the Unites States Representative for Oregon’s 3rd congressional district. Representative Blumenauer supports legislation that would: Allow states to enact existing marijuana laws without federal interference. On the congressman’s website, he exclaims, “Marijuana policy at the state level has shifted significantly in recent years as states have moved to legalize the drug for both medicinal and adult use. Unfortunately, federal marijuana policy remains rooted in the past, as all types of marijuana continue to remain illegal under federal law.”

November 28, 2016
Episode #2 – Cultivation Technologies Specialist Lydia Abernethy

Bethany Moore interviews cultivation technologies specialist Lydia Abernethy, who represents NCIA member urban-gro, a company that will be featured at the NCIA Seed to Sale Show in Denver, Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2017. Abernethy talks about cannabis cultivation and best practices, while stating different safety guidelines and other law regulated affairs regarding cannabis. She also mentions the misunderstandings with pesticides, the different cannabis scientific technologies and she talks about the upcoming NCIA Seed to Sale Show, being held in Denver on January 31st and February 1st, 2017.

November 21, 2016
Episode #1 – 2016 Post-Election Analysis: Cannabis Industry Grows in 9 More States

NCIA Executive Director Aaron Smith and NCIA Deputy Director Taylor West offer their 2016 post-election analysis following expansion of adult-use and medical marijuana programs in eight U.S. states. They discuss the impact of new adult-use marijuana programs (in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada) and medical marijuana programs (in Florida, North Dakota, Montana, and Arkansas), and the federal policy challenges in Congress that loom ahead.