Ohio Becomes 24th State to Regulate Adult-Use!

Ohio Becomes 24th State to Regulate Adult-Use!

On November 7, voters in the Ohio overwhelmingly approved Issue 2 which legalizes and regulates the sale and production of cannabis for adults over 21. The initiative, which goes into effect December 7, will legalize the possession of up to 2.5 ounces and the personal cultivation of up to six plants.

The initiative requires state regulators begin approving retail licenses by September 2024. The measure includes a 10% sales tax which directs funds to municipalities with dispensaries as well as vital services such as addiction treatment and social equity and jobs programs.

Ohio will become the 24th state to regulate the adult-use market and the move sets the percentage of Americans living in a state with legal cannabis to 53%.

“Congratulations to the Buckeye State. Well over half of Americans now live in a state that has opted to replace marijuana prohibition with laws that foster a well regulated, responsible adult cannabis market.” Stated NCIA CEO & Co-founder, Aaron Smith. “Now let’s make sure Congress and the White House make federal reform a priority as we head into 2024.”

Despite overwhelming voter support, prohibitionist Republican state legislators are already working to gut the initiative. Read more at Marijuana Moment.

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