Cannabis Facility Design And Construction
By Bethany Moore
September 30, 2019
/ Education

Cannabis Facility Design And Construction

Tune in to learn more about cannabis facility design with Andy Poticha, CEO of Cannabis Facility Construction, focusing on cannabis facility design and build projects including cultivation, dispensaries, and processing. When we talk about building our businesses, we often think about the software and the people and other resources, but there’s also the actual building of our businesses… specifically large cultivation and manufacturing warehouses and buildings.

Andy’s company focuses on the actual buildings, like the walls and the roof, and meeting the needs of cannabis industry companies. His company is working in several medical and adult-use states across the U.S. Knowing that compliance and regulations are a huge part of our industry focus, we talk about building regulations in cannabis. If you’re an operator that wants to build a brand new facility — you’re financed… you found a nice piece of land… it’s still not that simple. We unpack some of these layers of challenges that the operator might encounter.



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