Modernizing the Business Landscape of Cannabis
By Bethany Moore
October 12, 2020
/ Education

Modernizing the Business Landscape of Cannabis

Tune in to this episode to learn more about modernizing the business landscape of cannabis with Sean Dawson. Sean is the Director of IT Solutions at Office1.

Office1’s mission is to innovate and progressively modernize the inefficient business landscape by providing a proactive, personalized, and eco-friendly office technology solution from planning to implementation and optimization. One solution from one company – Office1.

Sean seeks to understand the heart of a challenge and then focuses on creating practical and timely solutions. He is an avid DIYer, gardener, and master house re-doer who loves spending his free time with his wife, four children, and six chickens.

We start by talking about our emerging industry, and how we’re just starting to scale out of the “start-up, entrepreneurial” stage of business and becoming more sophisticated. This means more technology and automation, including our favorite Seed To Sale Software. We talk about what else companies should be thinking about when it comes to their technology solutions at this stage of the game when they’re starting to scale up. Typically a business owner hires an IT company to help them solve problems and scale their businesses up, and let’s say they’re experts at growing cannabis or extracting cannabis oil, but not so much on the technology side. Sean discusses with us a few examples of a company that came to him without any solid technology systems in place and how he helped them.

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