Software Technology Helping The Cannabis Industry
By Bethany Moore
September 2, 2019
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Software Technology Helping The Cannabis Industry

Software technology helping the cannabis industry with Frank Nisenboum, Vice President of Sales of e2b teknologies. e2b offers software solutions to businesses including marketing, sales, accounting, consulting, engineering, and support. Frank has worked in the ERP and CRM software selection, sales and consulting industry for almost 25 years. Software can be very helpful for companies in our industry working to stay compliant. It can be a full-time job, so compliance is so important for our industry to stay afloat, to stay in business, and to do it correctly in accordance with the laws and regulations.

They talk about some ways that software technology can support this arduous endeavor of staying compliant. Frank has guided organizations of all sizes and in all industries, enabling them to establish a technology presence and expand their business through technology. With a proven ability to analyze the current and future plans of a company and work with team members to subsequently bring technology solutions to the organization, he gains results for businesses’ in improved processes and controls that assure continued growth and profitability.

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