Weediatrics with Erin O’Hearn
By Bethany Moore
June 7, 2021
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Weediatrics with Erin O’Hearn

Learn more about a new documentary called ‘Weediatrics‘ with Erin O’Hearn. Erin has a passion for producing thought-provoking, compelling, and entertaining films with storytelling that delves into significant social issues. After graduating from Cornell University, she worked in the corporate communications department at HBO and went on to produce news specials and documentaries for MTV. Erin made a career transition into news reporting and worked for ABC in Philadelphia for more than 13 years.
Oakz Media/Open Water Studios is a small production company. They wanted to produce a movie that was significant on a variety of levels – socially, politically, and emotionally. Weediatrics is more than a movie, it’s a rallying cry. Even in states where medical and recreational marijuana use is legal, parents risk being charged with “severe medical neglect” for treating their extremely sick children with cannabis.
Weediatrics is a film about parents who are desperate to help their sick children and because of antiquated laws are left knowing there is a viable treatment but do not have access to it. The fact they are forced to choose between helping their child and breaking the law is a medical crime. Many states are legalizing at least for medical because of the very impactful stories that parents are bringing to lawmakers about their children. There’s a lot of bravery for these families. We dive into how they find the families featured in the documentary and if it was difficult convincing them to be on camera considering the potential legal consequences of giving their children medicinal cannabis.


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