Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Congress to Deschedule and Regulate in Response to Vaping Illnesses
By Morgan Fox
October 3, 2019

Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Congress to Deschedule and Regulate in Response to Vaping Illnesses

National Cannabis Industry Association delivered letter to lawmakers today signed by nearly 800 businesses and advocates suggesting federal regulatory structure to improve public safety


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) delivered a letter to both chambers of Congress on Thursday urging sensible and timely federal action in response to increasing reports of illnesses largely tied to illicit market vape cartridge products. The letter, which was signed by nearly 800 business leaders, advocates, and policy experts, asks lawmakers to immediately work to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act so that cannabis products can be effectively regulated at the federal level. These actions would remove barriers to research, allow the federal government to establish uniform safety protocols and provide guidance to state regulatory bodies, and help displace the illicit unregulated cannabis market that is the source of the vast majority of the products tied to illness cases.

The full text of the letter with signatories is available here.

“This outbreak of illnesses is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy, and the direct result of failed prohibition policies,” said Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry. “It is imperative that lawmakers understand this, and know that the cannabis industry is committed to working with them to help solve this issue and prevent further suffering. We have the tools to protect cannabis consumers and improve public safety, and are ready to help Congress implement them without delay.”

Earlier this week, NCIA released an in-depth set of recommendations that should be used to establish a federal regulatory structure for different types of cannabis and hemp products through existing federal agencies.

“State regulators and responsible, licensed cannabis businesses have been doing an excellent job at keeping potentially dangerous products out of the legal market,” continued Smith. “We urge Congress to help us continue – and improve upon – this record by ending prohibition and creating an efficient and intelligent national regulatory structure.”


NCIA Releases Guidelines for Federal Cannabis Regulation After Legalization

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