Risk Management and Insurance Manual: An Introduction to Cannabis Insurance – Part Two

Prepared by the Risk Management & Insurance Committee (RMIC)
Prepared by NCIA

The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Risk Management & Insurance Committee is a multidisciplinary group of professionals working in the cannabis and insurance industries. We have created this manual to help business owners operating in state-legal cannabis industry gain a basic understanding of risk management, particularly insurance.  

Every business faces numerous risks. Cannabis businesses, in principle, are no different. Of course, “plant-touching” businesses face additional risks associated with federal prohibition, and often extremely burdensome regulation at the state level, and these risks are definitely unique to cannabis (and mostly uninsurable). Moreover, to some degree or another, our whole industry is affected by the lingering stigma of prohibition, which continues to limit our access to capital, banking, insurance, and other business services that other industries pay less for and can usually take for granted. It provides a unique challenge for our industry.

NCIA Response to Senate Discussion Draft of Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA)

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