Webinar Recording: NCIA Committee Insights – Managing Novel Risks During the COVID-19 Crisis
By Bethany Moore
May 29, 2020
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Webinar Recording: NCIA Committee Insights – Managing Novel Risks During the COVID-19 Crisis

In case you missed it, watch the recording of this webinar from April 27, 2020. NCIA’s Risk Management and Insurance Committee presents a conversation regarding how cannabis operators can mitigate the risks that the coronavirus presents to their customers, their employees, and their businesses. Get actionable advice and expert insights regarding how to manage your risk and avoid potential liability while keeping your essential business open.

Topics addressed include:

Identifying all novel risks presented by COVID-19
Addressing the availability for insurance coverage for COVID-related losses
Creating SOPs around employee and customer safety
Increased delivery exposure and SOPs around fleet management, driver safety/protection
Managing increased cyber security risks through insurance and strong SOPs
What coronavirus teaches us about the import of proactive risk management

Speakers include:

Jason Horst, Principal
Horst Legal Counsel

Stephanie Bozzuto, Co-Founder & President
Marketing Cannabis Connect Insurance Services

Summer Jenkins, CLCS, Senior Product Development Manager
Cannasure Insurance Services

Eric Rahn, Managing Partner
S2S Insurance Specialists

Wes Gilbreath, CFO
Continental Heritage Insurance Company

Eduardo Provencio, General Council
Mary’s Medicinals

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