Webinar Recording: Communications Strategy During Times of Crisis and COVID-19
By Bethany Moore
April 10, 2020
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Webinar Recording: Communications Strategy During Times of Crisis and COVID-19

Watch this recent webinar recording from April 8, 2020. With the cannabis industry customer acquisition and service models disrupted by the pandemic, it’s critical to understand that what you do today will affect your business now and have a large impact on your future. Adjusting communications to focus on brand and strengthening bonds with existing customers will help you minimize damage and promote future growth.

In this webinar, crisis experts Jeanine Moss and Nicole DeMeo of Outfront Solutions will outline immediate and practical steps you can take to address crises before, during, and after they’ve occurred. They will provide specific recommendations for the cannabis value chain including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and ancillary businesses. Learn how to build trust and brand loyalty in times of crisis with customers, employees, directors, shareholders, and vendors so you come through with a strong platform for growth and knowing you’ve done all that you can for your stakeholders.

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