Where Risk Assessment Integrity Meets Policy | 10.24.23 | Committee Insights

Where Risk Assessment Integrity Meets Policy | 10.24.23 | Committee Insights

Welcome to the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) insightful webinar recording, “Committee Insights: Where Risk Assessment Integrity Meets Policy.” Hosted by NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee and originally broadcast on Tuesday, October 24th, 2023, this session provided a deep dive into the complex but critical intersection of cannabis industry risk assessment and policy development. This blog post will highlight key discussions and insights from the panel, offering a condensed overview of the critical issues explored during the webinar, continue reading and view the full recording below.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Vape Product Manufacturers

The panelists underscored the importance of thorough risk assessments for vape product manufacturers, especially in the highly regulated cannabis and hemp sectors. The conversation centered on essential areas of concern, including the potential for fraud, liability, and the significance of ingredient selection, particularly terpenes. Material of construction and employee safety were also key factors that were addressed.

Hardware Risks and Due Diligence

The webinar uncovered the risks associated with hardware components and vendors. It shed light on the due diligence required when introducing new vape products, which includes vetting hardware suppliers and partners. Addressing concerns related to shrinkage and theft was another significant aspect of risk management. Additionally, the panel stressed the importance of setting safety guidelines based on industry standards such as ASTM.

Safety Standards and Ingredient Considerations

The discussion dived into the implications of safety standards, especially ASTM, and their role in determining acceptable safety levels within the industry. The panel emphasized the importance of ingredient considerations, particularly in preventing E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI). Risk assessment for ingredients was a major focus, as it plays a critical role in product safety and integrity.

Implications of Fraud and Counterfeit Products

A crucial point discussed was the far-reaching implications of fraud, counterfeit products, and negligence within the cannabis and hemp industry. The panelists delved into the legal considerations when unknowingly selling dangerous products. They also highlighted the industry’s ongoing struggle with counterfeiting and the need for robust prevention measures to protect consumers.

Regulatory Challenges and Industry Growth

The webinar touched upon the challenges of navigating regulatory environments for both regulators and operators. The panelists emphasized the need for striking a balance between regulation and innovation to ensure the industry’s growth while maintaining product safety. The conversation also addressed the evolving landscape of marketing and advertising regulations, emphasizing the need for clear guidance in these areas.

Essential Insights from Industry Experts

Learn more about our distinguished panel of NCIA member experts including hardware & product manufacturers, toxicologists, legal professionals and regulators each of which brought their unique perspective and insights to our comprehensive exploration.

Gillian Schauer
Executive Director
Cannabis Regulator’s Association

Raza Lawrence
Zuber Lawler Group

Shawna Vreeke
Head of Research
True Terpenes

Josh Borodin
Head of Product

James Granger
Chief Political Officer
Cliintel Capital

Darwin Millard (Moderator)
The GMP Collective


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