NCIA Committees are an opportunity for our members to get directly involved in specific industry issues and sectors. These volunteer-driven efforts engage members’ expertise and passion to drill down in of expertise and passion to effect change, provide professional development opportunities, and develop best practices and guidelines that will shape the future of our industry.

An email to NCIA members in good standing will be sent in February 2017, requesting interested volunteers to submit an application to sit on a committee. Committee members will be appointed by late April 2017, so they can hold their first in-person meetings at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, June 12-14, 2017, in Oakland, CA.

If you are interested in joining one of the existing Commiittees listed below, or spearheading the development of a new Council, please reach email

Committee For Inclusion and Diversity (CID)

Coming out of the first-established NCIA committee, The Minority Business Committee, the CID has a mission through NCIA’s Inclusion Initiative to work with under-represented groups and individuals who seek access to join or expand their reach within the industry. Diversity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of NCIA’s mission and the success of the cannabis industry, and the CID’s goal is improve access to licensing, business, and professional development opportunities, as well as to foster an inclusive and diverse industry climate.

NCIA-MBC Executive: Khadijah Adams     Chloe Grossman     Dr Lakisha Jenkins     Mark Slaugh     Robert Van Roo

Contribute to the Inclusion Initiative and Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to under-represented groups and individuals seeking to take advantage of NCIA’s educational and networking events. Your support will help us take concrete steps to build the kind of inclusive, level playing field that is essential to the industry’s success.
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Infused Products Committee (IPC)

focuses on edible and topical products, reviewing existing business practices and state regulations. Regulation of these products is the IPC’s initial key focus, but the committee’s purpose is to ensure the infused product sector is helping shape its destiny, rather than being driven by differing jurisdictional regulations. The IPC is concluding work with the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR) to develop standardized regulations for legislators and regulators to adopt as their states legalize the industry.

NCIA-IPC Chair: Jaime Lewis

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Human Resource Committee (HRC)

The HRC focuses on employee training, education, recruitment, pay and benefits, and other HR-related issues that pose unique challenges within a new and rapidly evolving industry. With both employees and employers in mind, the HRC will establish best practices for talent management and development, create educational materials to help NCIA members better recruit and retain employees and remain in compliance with employment law, promote diversity and inclusion within the industry, and develop a job board for the industry on NCIA’s website.

NCIA-HRC Chair: Kara Bradford

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Cannabis Cultivators Committee (CCC)

The CCC’s mission is to promote the voice of growers, and to develop, promote, and share best practices with other NCIA members within this industry sector.


Additional Committees Under Consideration or Development:

NCIA’s committees are volunteer-driven groups of dedicated members with a passion for a certain aspect of their industry. Listed below are new committee opportunities that NCIA members have expressed interest in forming in 2017.

Contact NCIA at for more information on how you can help shape these initiatives or if you have an idea for a committee not yet listed. Committees with fewer than eight qualified applicants will not be launched until sufficient member volunteer interest has been reached.

Finance & Insurance Sector Committee (FISC)

This committee promotes the interests of the cannabis industry’s finance and insurance sectors, and will develop strategies for the responsible advancement of these sectors for the good of our industry as a whole.

Advertising & Marketing Committee (AMC)

Committee members will help NCIA members navigate unique barriers our industry faces when getting its messaging out to various stakeholders.

Strain Identification Committee (SIC)

This committee’s goal is to ensure that a strain by any name is the same sold in any part of the country, through genotyping and standardization of testing. This committee will develop best practices and guidelines for strain identification and testing.

Extractions & Vaping Committee (EVC)

This committee would support the interests of the cannabis industry’s producers of extractions and vaping products, and will develop best practices on extraction techniques and vaping products for the good of the industry.

Packaging & Labeling Committee (PLC)

The PLC will develop recommendations for standardization of the packaging and labeling of cannabis products available to consumers nationwide.

Women in Cannabis Committee (WiCC)

This committee will work in conjunction with the MBC to ensure that women are equitably treated within all sectors of our industry, and develop a strategy to ensure that women-owned and -led NCIA member companies receive fair treatment within the industry.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC would be comprised of practicing chemists and other scientific field professionals to advise the other committees as they work to develop standards and guidelines for the various sectors of our industry, ensuring that any formal recommendations produced by other NCIA committees are scientifically sound, sustainable, and legitimate.

Legal & Banking Committee (LBAC)

The LBC will advocate for the industry’s equitable access to banking and for the industry being treated fairly under state and local laws, and will work in conjunction with the FIC.

Market Expansion Committee (MEC)

MEC members are those individuals who wish to devise best practices for business growth and market expansion techniques for various types of cannabis businesses.


Take your involvement with NCIA to the next level, and reap the benefits for your industry and your business. Contact us to get involved with an existing Council or find out how you can help start a new Council focused on your industry expertise or interests.