Member Blog: How to Launch Online Ordering and Dispensary Procedures During COVID-19
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Member Blog: How to Launch Online Ordering and Dispensary Procedures During COVID-19

by Faai Steuer, VP of marketing at Cova Software

The growing coronavirus outbreak in North America has affected businesses of all sizes and sectors, including cannabis dispensaries. Many states have categorized medical dispensaries and retail cannabis stores as essential businesses. But it’s extremely important that any cannabis retailer choosing to stay open during this time take extra precautions to keep their staff and customers safe while still staying compliant with local and emergency laws. 

COVID-19 Plan

5 Steps to Get Started With Online Ordering and Delivery Service

Review local laws and identify your strategy

It’s not easy to quickly change the way you operate your cannabis business, but it can be done. Look to see how other industry leaders across the country are handling this moment. Check if your state allows for online ordering and in-store express pick up, curbside pick-up, delivery, and drive-thrus here.

Use technology to stay compliant and make your vision come to life

You will have to rely more on retail technology while human interaction and in-person sales are not possible. Online ordering, delivery, line queuing, and no-touch ID verification policies will all require reliable tech. Check with your current POS if they have a workaround to facilitate the new process and integration with an online ordering platform. 

Re-design your store layout

Change your store layout to further limit exposure. Take all of the products out of display cases and instead use that space to store fulfilled online orders. Use ropes or another barricade to ensure a six-foot distance between customers and sales counters.  Install sneeze guards in front of checkout stations. Use tape or signage to mark where customers should be standing (six feet apart). 

Develop operating procedures

These changes will require an update to your operating procedures. You will need a few employees dedicated to packing online orders and another employee on the floor ensuring customers are far enough apart and surfaces are consistently sanitized. If employees are feeling sick, require them to stay home. Some dispensaries are even taking the temperature of employees before every shift. 

Train & protect your staff

Be sure to limit the number of customers in the store at a time, so there is ample distance (3-6 feet) between people. Protect your employees and customers with the following equipment:

  • Touchscreen-friendly gloves for employees
  • Alcohol swabs for any surface customers touch at the POS
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Masks
  • Lysol or other CDC-approved antibacterial cleaning spray

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Faai Steuer is VP of marketing at Cova Software, the fastest-growing cannabis retail POS in North America. An entrepreneur at heart, she has a passion for growing startups and building brands. With 20 years of marketing experience in CPG and retail tech, she lends her knowledge and best practices to help cannabis entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada open their first store and grow their business through vital thought leader content. 

Cova is an award-winning, seed-to-sale compliant POS with an intuitive design and robust tech platform, making it the most reliable cannabis POS system on the market. Cova helps dispensaries simplify compliance, raise the customer experience bar, and increase revenue through automated compliance capability, express check-out app, and integrated delivery solutions. Learn more at

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