May 12, 2014

NCIA Board Candidate Statement – Scott Van Rixel (Incumbent)

By Scott Van Rixel, Bhang Chocolate (NV)

I have been very proud to have served on the NCIA board during this last term. I am seeking re-election because NCIA truly stands up for the rights of business in the cannabis sector. Whether it is taxation, banking, or simply business equality issues, NCIA has worked to bring them to the forefront of those in legislative positions who can make a difference.

I feel that a continued seat on the board will allow me to be part of the positive change for our industry. As one of the three edible manufacturers on the board, I feel that I bring a unique insight to the needs of our category. I feel that if our sector is not represented at the table, our specific needs may go overlooked. My experience in this industry, as well as that of mainstream America, makes me a valuable resource to the board and the membership at large. My attendance of board meetings and contributions to those meetings have been an extremely high priority over the last term. While I don’t always agree with all of my peers on the board, I feel that our contributions have found a better and higher ground for the direction of it. I am not afraid to speak my heart and negotiate with my mind.

My business has been a proud sponsor of several events and has always been happy to help with additional funding. We also proudly support NCIA through the inclusion of the NCIA logo on our packaging. I have also been a strong vocal advocate for NCIA membership and never miss a chance to introduce new businesses to NCIA. I feel if my fellow board members were asked, they would express their appreciation for my past term and would be supportive of an additional one. I ask you my fellow board members and the voting general membership for your support in my reelection. Thank you, and I will serve you proudly again if given the opportunity.

See the full Board of Directors Voter Guide here.

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