New Bill: The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act |
New Bill: The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act
September 5, 2018

New Bill: The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act

In the 115th Congress, there are more cannabis reform bills than ever before — dozens, as a matter of fact! Let’s take a closer look at one of the newest reform bills that was just introduced today!

Bill: The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act

Introduced by: Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

What It Does: This bill would create federal, safe harbor protection for veterans and their doctors when using or recommending medical cannabis in states where it is legal. In order to provide our nation’s veterans immediate relief from opioid abuse, the bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct research on the effects of medical marijuana on veterans in pain, and to research the relationship between state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs and any reduction in opioid abuse among veterans.

Endorsements: National Cannabis Industry Association, American Academy of Pain Medicine, Veterans Cannabis Coalition, Veterans Cannabis Project, Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, Americans for Safe Access, NORML, and Marijuana Policy Project.

What To Expect: Now that the bill has been introduced, NCIA will continue to gather cosponsors for the legislation, as well as advocate for a hearing. With midterm elections fast approaching in November (register here), timing will be of the essence.


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