Service Solutions | 9.21.22 | Does Your Video Surveillance Monitoring Method Put Your Business at Risk?


NCIA’s Service Solutions series is our sponsored content webinar program which allows business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and industry solutions directly from our network of established suppliers, providers and thought leaders.

In this edition originally aired on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 we were joined by the experts from Netwatch North America and Sapphire Risk Advisory Group to discuss the stark differences between the most common methods businesses choose for video monitoring to clear up the confusion about the best method for your type of business.

Every business needs a video surveillance system to guarantee the security of its premises and improve business operations. As a high-risk industry, cannabis businesses have an even greater need for these systems. Cultivation facilities, processing labs, and dispensaries are high-value targets for potential criminals due to the large amounts of currency and cannabis products stored on-site.

In addition, these systems are necessary to remain compliant with local or state law. However, while regulations require cannabis businesses to equip their facilities with a functioning video surveillance system, regulations can be less restrictive about how these systems are monitored. Yet, the method of video monitoring chosen can determine how effective the business can be at reducing and preventing criminal activity.

You’ll leave the program with a roadmap for next steps to take to evaluate the methods currently in place, how best to conduct an assessment and implement new systems to ensure the security of your business AND the safety of your employees.

In this session, you will learn:
• What are the most common video monitoring methods for cannabis businesses?
• How does each method monitor, detect unauthorized activity, and comply with canna regulations?
• What is the best option for your type of business?

Presentation Slide Deck: [View/Download Here]


Justin Wilmas
Netwatch Systems

Haley Glover
Senior Security Consultant
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline

00:00 – Session Intro

01:58 – Moderator Intro

02:42 – Panelist Intros & Company Backgrounds

03:30 – Session Agenda & Conversation in Context

04:10 – Live Poll #1

05:30 – Common Video Monitoring Methods

06:48 – Monitoring and Detecting (On-Site Employee or Security Guard)

08:25 – Monitoring and Detecting (Third Party Monitoring Companies)

10:42 – Monitoring and Detecting (Proactive Monitoring Companies)

12:26 – Live Poll #2 13:50 – Alarm Response and Dispatch (False Alarms)

15:50 – Alarm Response and Dispatch (Verification, Response and Dispatch for Different Monitoring Methods)

19:20 – Alarm Response and Dispatch (Deterrence & Response Time)

20:49 – Compliance

21:31 – Compliance (Video Monitoring)

22:48 – Compliance (Installation)

23:33 – Compliance (Maintenance)

24:00 – Compliance (Loitering Prevention)

25:25 – Compliance (Loitering Prevention by Method)

27:55 – Compliance (Post-Incident Reporting)

29:20 – Compliance (Post-Incident Reporting by Method)

31:42 – Live Poll #3

33:22 – What’s The Right Solution for Your Business?

33:56 – Methods Summary

36:10 – Proactive Video Monitoring by the Numbers

38:20 – Netwatch Platform

39:44 – Next Steps

40:53 – Contact Information

41:30 – Audience Q&A (When should I reach out to a PVM company during the cannabis business planning process?)

43:29 – Audience Q&A (What VMS systems does Netwatch currently integrate with?)

44:45 – Audience Q&A (Do insurance companies reward operators for proactive video? Is activity reporting for proactive surveillance a regulatory requirement in MA or other jurisdictions?)

46:42 – Audience Q&A (How does working with a security company like Sapphire help to save my company money?)

48:26 – Audience Q&A (How important and common are camera analytics in the industry?)

52:09 – Audience Q&A (Should I choose the security integrator/manufacturer to work with first or my video monitoring method?)

54:39 – Audience Q&A (How do you get in touch with a risk consultant?)

55:50 – Final Thoughts & Upcoming Events w/ Netwatch & Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

57:25 – Outro

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