Federal Resources & Appropriations

Given the success of modern state cannabis policies and the overwhelming public opposition to federal interference with those laws, NCIA believes that U.S. taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to shoulder the burden of paying for federal enforcement of marijuana laws against legal cannabis businesses that are licensed by the state and embraced by their local communities.

Since 2014, federal funding bills have included provisions restricting the Department of Justice from using tax dollars to prosecute or penalize state-legal medical cannabis businesses and patients. The federal appropriations process requires this provision to be approved by Congressional process annually and NCIA and our allies on Capitol Hill have worked hard to ensure the protections have been successfully renewed ever since. NCIA is advocating for the expansion of the budget provision to protect all state-legal cannabis businesses, including adult-use operations

Regulating cannabis saves law enforcement costs, improves police effectiveness, and generates tax revenue for states that have moved away from the failed policies of prohibition. It makes no sense to use scarce federal resources to undermine successful state programs enforcing unpopular and outdated federal laws.


Federal Appropriations & Amendments Overview Four Congressional Actions to Protect The State-Legal Cannabis Industry in the Post-Cole Era
Sunrise at Capitol Hill in Washington DC

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