NCIA keeps you up to date with the crucial information necessary for running a successful cannabis business through white-paper reports and webinars on issues ranging from policy to operations. 

report_iconReport: Protecting Your Cannabis Business: A Commercial Insurance Overview
Produced by NCIA’s Finance and Insurance Committee, within the Insurance Subcommittee. (April 2018)

report_iconReport: A Short Guide to Colorado Cannabis Marketing and Advertising Regulations
Produced by NCIA’s Marketing and Advertising Committee, this paper provides guidance surrounding regulations for advertising in the state of Colorado. (February 2018)

report_iconReport: Cannabis Business Contractual Indemnity/Risk Transfer Strategies
Produced by NCIA’s Finance and Insurance Committee, within the Contracts Subcommittee. (March 2018)


Report: Four Congressional Actions to Protect The State-Legal Cannabis Industry in the Post-Cole Era

Produced by NCIA’s Policy Council, this paper provides a prioritized list of Four Congressional Actions to Protect the State-Legal Cannabis Industry in the Post-Cole Era. (March 2018)


Report: Overcoming Federal Obstacles to the Sensible Use of Pesticides on Cannabis

NCIA’s Policy Council developed this white paper to address pesticide compliance in the absence of pesticides explicitly labeled for use on cannabis as it relates to state-licensed and regulated hemp farmers and cannabis cultivators. (March 2018)

report_iconReport: New Rules For Cannabis: The Coming Wave of California False Advertising and Unfair Competition Claims

NCIA’s Finance and Insurance Committee, comprised of NCIA members within that sector, developed this white paper to analyze the expected increase in false advertising and unfair competition claims in 2018 for the state of California. The bases for such claims include mislabeling of cannabis products, deficient packaging, contamination, and many other scenarios. (March 2018)

report_iconReport: Investigating the Role of Financial Institutions in the Legal Cannabis Industry

NCIA’s Legal and Banking Committee, comprised of NCIA members within that sector, produced this white paper following a meeting with California State Treasurer John Chiang and other cannabis industry leaders in mid 2017. The paper provides discussion and evaluation of challenges faced by businesses operating within the legal cannabis industry, while highlighting some of the benefits the industry brings to financial institutions and the communities they serve. (February 2018)


Report: Generating Federal Cannabis Tax Revenue in a Sensible and Equitable Manner

NCIA’s Policy Council developed this white paper begins the discussion of how a federal taxation model for cannabis could generate substantial new federal revenue, providing additional impetus for shifting cannabis production and sale from the criminal market to legitimate, state-regulated, tax-paying businesses.


Report: IRC Section 280E: An Unjust Burden on State-Legal Cannabis Businesses

NCIA’s Policy Council, comprised of industry leaders selected by NCIA’s Board of Directors, play a critical role in the development of cannabis policy at the federal level. The Policy Council recently produced this white paper which is now available in an easy-to-read design with the intention of utilizing this in conversations with policymakers, the media, and the industry.

report_iconReport: The Little-Known – And Critical – Exception to Federal Paraphernalia Laws

This paper was generated by NCIA’s Policy Council. Steve Fox, Policy Council Director, says “the mission of NCIA’s Policy Council is to inform lawmakers and other stakeholders about policy-related matter affecting the cannabis industry. This short paper is an excellent example of that type of work. It is important that we raise awareness about the critical exception to federal paraphernalia laws, under which state-authorized activity is exempt from the provisions of the law. We can debate how that exemption should be interpreted, but we must acknowledge that it exists. This paper furthers that goal.

report_iconReport: Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations

This paper presents regulatory recommendations and model regulations for cannabis packaging and labeling that emerged from a year-long critical assessment of suboptimal and inconsistent state regulations in one specific area: cannabis packaging and labeling. The overarching goal is to encourage greater consistency and judiciousness in cannabis rulemaking by providing state regulators with model packaging and labeling regulations supported by in-depth research, analysis, and input from diverse stakeholders and experts.


Report: The Cannabis Industry in the Trump Era

In this post-election briefing, NCIA answers the question “Now what?” about lies ahead, what a Trump administration could mean for your business, and how you can get involved with NCIA’s work to protect the future of our industry. (November 2016)


Report: 2016 Election and State Initiatives Overview

In this slideshow, NCIA’s Government Relations Coordinator breaks down the 2016 Election results, reviewing the new adult-use marijuana programs (in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada) and medical marijuana programs (in Florida, North Dakota, Montana, and Arkansas). (November 2016)

report_iconReport: Cannabis: A Promising Option for the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic continues to ravage the country, with prescription painkiller and heroin overdoses now killing more Americans annually than car crashes. As state and federal policy makers grapple with the crisis, this report details how recent research shows that increasing legal access to marijuana could be a potent weapon in the fight — saving lives and millions of dollars in health care and treatment costs. (October 2016)

report_iconReport: State-By-State Medical Marijuana Application Requirements

A compilation of all the documentation required for each state’s medical dispensary certification application. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand into new states, this guide is a helpful resource to get you on your way. (December 2, 2015)

Special thanks to NCIA Member 4Front Advisors for their assistance in compiling this document. 

report_iconReport: Top 5 States to Watch in 2016

A cheat sheet guide for a quick breakdown of relevant issues in these influential states. (November 17, 2015)


report_iconReport: Internal Revenue Code 280E: Creating An Impossible Situation For Legitimate Businesses

What is Section 280E and how does it hurt legal cannabis businesses? How does 280E affect me and what should I know? This publication gives you the facts. (April 2015)


webinar_optionB brandWebinar: The Pot Thickens: Building a Successful Cannabis Business in California

In this free one hour webinar recording, we’ll get you up to speed on the cannabis industry’s opportunities, unique challenges and important considerations such as obtaining permits and licenses, navigating the regulations, and structuring your cannabis company to maximize its value to investors. Featuring Adam Spiker of the Southern California Coalition, Michael Rosenblum of Thompson Coburn LLP, Dr. Paul Lessard of Delta9 Labs, and Chris Vane of RoseRyan. (October 2017)

webinar_optionB brand

Webinar: Using Social Media to Dominate Your Market and Increase Sales

Discover how to maximize your social media ROI, build a loyal tribe of customers who want to do business with you, take the stress out of your sales process and boost your revenue. Cannabis marketing expert Alexa Divett reveals the exact steps you need to take to turn your social media efforts into a steady stream of profits. (January 26, 2017)


webinar_optionB brandWebinar: Starting and Operating a Successful MMJ Dispensary, Cultivation, or Infused Products Company

Learn how to grow revenue, avoid operational mistakes, and protect your reputation in the cannabis industry. Cannabis industry experts JB Woods of Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, Karin Lazarus of Sweet Mary Jane, and Bob Hoban of Hoban & Feola, LLP, provide an online preview of their upcoming Cannabis Business Summit workshop in this webinar. (November 20, 2015)


webinar_optionB brandWebinar: Cannabis Nurses: The Role of Nursing in the Cannabis Industry

Thinking of adding a cannabis nurse to your staff? Qualified cannabis nurses can add to your business and bottom line in a very positive way. Cannabis nurses understand what their patients are using, what effects may be expected, and what interactions may occur with other drugs. Cannabis nurses have a critical depth of knowledge regarding the Endocannabinoid System & Cannabinoid Therapeutics. Workshop facilitator Heather Manus, RN, President of Genesis International Cannabis Solutions and Board Director of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, will provide insight into how a cannabis nurse can be a valuable investment in your business. (December 1, 2015)


webinar_optionB brandWebinar: Hosted by MJ Freeway – Outlook of Cannabis in 2016 with NCIA Executive Director

Are you interested and excited about the outlook of the cannabis industry in 2016? Wondering which political players are most likely to support reform in 2016? Looking for a synopsis of important federal legislation potentially impacting the cannabis industry? Join our webinar with National Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director, Aaron Smith. (January 7, 2016)



Interested in hosting a webinar on your area of expertise for NCIA’s members? Please contact Director of Membership and Development Jeremy DePasquale at with a description of your intended topic.