May 12, 2014

NCIA Board Candidate Statement – Erich Pearson (Incumbent)

By Erich Pearson, SPARC (CA)

Our mission at NCIA is to advance and legitimize our industry — through education, improving professionalism, advocating for sound regulations, developing new technology, leveraging each other’s strengths, and learning from mistakes.

We come from all areas of cannabis. Individually, we are sometimes competitors. Together, as members of NCIA, we play for one united team. On this platform, we not only celebrate our individual successes, we advance the industry as a whole through our singular voice.

Serving you on the NCIA board since its founding in 2010, I understand the business from seed to sale, from operations to regulations. I bring a high level of expertise to the board – as a cultivator, dispensary operator, and legislative advisor. I represent the largest state in the union, an internationally recognized dispensary and brand, and some of the most well-engineered cultivation projects in the world.

It takes a team to accomplish great things. That’s why I’m quick to augment my skills with respected experts. I recruited the founder of Peace in Medicine, now Sebastopol Mayor Robert Jacob, to bring SPARC to the next level. We now have a unified team, offer health benefits to our employees, and are expanding to better serve San Francisco patients.

To graduate from good cannabis to great cannabis, large-scale, I brought in Dr. Robby Flannery, Ph.D. and plant biologist. Dr. Robby built and leads our R&D team to optimize crop production via physiological and ecological research in collaboration with UC Davis, and with input from experts at University of Chicago and Cornell. Dr. Robby lends his expertise to the greater herbal community serving on the cannabis nomenclature working group and the cannabis committee of AHPA, the American Herbal Products Association.

And the team keeps growing. We’ve built global alliances by hosting tours at our facility – guests include the Board of the League of California Cities and legislators from Germany. We’ve joined forces with regulatory movers like DPA, MPP, and ASA. And through NCIA, my biggest team is you.

Thank you for doing the great work that’s gotten us this far. It’s been a pleasure serving you.

See the full Board of Directors Voter Guide here.

NCIA Board Candidate Statement – Scott Van Rixel (Incumbent)

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