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NCIA Policy Council

The NCIA Policy Council, comprised of industry leaders selected by NCIA’s Board of Directors, is the cannabis industry’s policy “think tank” playing a critical role in the development of cannabis policy at the federal level as well as models that inform  the promulgation of effective state regulations.

Policy Council members examine federal laws and regulations related to other types of products, as well as the characteristics of cannabis itself, in order to determine the optimal way to treat cannabis from a public policy standpoint. Areas of examination include tax policy, the classification of cannabis, advertising and marketing, and the broad range of regulatory issues that will arise at the federal level in the coming years. The Policy Council produces white papers on these topics for policymakers, the media, and industry operators.

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Policy Council White Papers:

Cannabis Testing Policy: Recommendations For More Thoughtful And Consistent Regulations
(July 2018)

How the U.S. is Falling Behind in the Global Cannabis Market
(May 2018)

Four Congressional Actions to Protect The State-Legal Cannabis Industry in the Post-Cole Era
(March 2018)

Overcoming Federal Obstacles to the Sensible Use of Pesticides on Cannabis
(March 2018)

Generating Federal Cannabis Tax Revenue in a Sensible and Equitable Manner
(November 2017)

The Little-Known – And Critical – Exception to Federal Paraphernalia Laws
(November 2017)

IRC Section 280E: An Unjust Burden on State-Legal Cannabis Businesses
(September 2017)