June 21, 2016

Cannabis Expert Calling Network (ECN) Unveiled at Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

National Cannabis Industry Association Knowledge-Sharing Platform Features Cannabis Industry Thought Leaders and Experts

Oakland, CA – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and Brainsy, Inc., today unveiled the Cannabis Expert Calling Network (ECN®), a knowledge-sharing platform connecting cannabis industry experts with information-seekers and entrepreneurs online or via paid telephone consultations.

The Cannabis ECN is accessible at and features NCIA members who create personalized profiles to showcase their expertise on a range of cannabis topics. Experts can designate their expertise in a variety of categories including: Industry Introduction, General Consulting, Compliance and Policy, Advanced Business Practices, Cultivation, Dispensaries, Extractions & Infused Products, Marketing & Media, Medical, and Money Matters.

“We’re seeing a huge demand for the exchange of knowledge as so many new people and businesses across the U.S. enter the cannabis industry,” said Aaron Smith, executive director of NCIA. “With the Cannabis Expert Calling Network, advice-seekers can connect with established industry experts in a way that’s simple and clearly structured. It’s a win-win for our members and for anyone looking for cannabis industry expertise.”

Experts participating in the launch of the ECN include a who’s-who of cannabis industry veterans and leaders. Many ECN experts will also be speakers or panelists during NCIA’s 3rd Annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, June 20-22, in Oakland, Ca. Conference attendees who wish to talk with a speaker or panelist after the conference ends can request a one-on-one phone call with the participating expert through the ECN. Discussions can range from fifteen to sixty minutes in duration.

“As so many new states open up medical or adult-use cannabis markets, those of us already working in the industry have a huge amount of hard-won experience and knowledge to offer. The Cannabis ECN makes it easy for people to find us and for us to get compensated for sharing our time and expertise,” stated Jaime Lewis, CEO and Founder of Mountain Medicine, a participating expert.

At the core of the Cannabis ECN platform are cutting-edge knowledge-sharing tools including Brainsy’s patented ECN transactional calling platform. Experts also have access to features of the Personal Media ECN, including the ECN InCall® badge which enables experts to monetize their social media presence on other platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

“The rapidly changing landscape and growth in the cannabis industry make it ripe for innovation and entrepreneurs,” stated Brian Christie, CEO of Brainsy, the ECN Platform provider. “We are pleased to be working with a well-respected and pioneering association such as NCIA to help make knowledge and expertise in the responsible and legitimate cannabis industry more accessible to people across the nation.”

The Cannabis ECN is made possible in part by the generous support of companies such as docGreens, CannaCon, and Dixie Elixirs. 


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