Sponsored Blog: A Different Way To Consume Cannabis

Sponsored Blog: A Different Way To Consume Cannabis

Sponsored blog post by Dynavap

There’s more than one way to consume cannabis — through the more traditional method of smoking with a pipe or joint, or through newer methods of vaping. Both will get the job done, but with vaping, there are certain benefits that allow better taste and a cleaner experience, while using less cannabis in the process, and saving money.

People who vape can save money in how much cannabis they purchase by using less with vaping, while still retaining the same high, and having the ability to reuse leftover remnants to make edibles. When you smoke traditionally, the result is combustion of the plant; however, vaping extracts the components from the plant, leaving material called ABV intact. ABV can be used for making edibles, effectively doubling the usage of any dry herb product you put into your vaporizer. With Dynavap vaporizing products, Dynavap team members and customers have found vaporizing cannabis makes your supply last longer because of efficiency in the consumption process.

Vaping cannabis is better from a health standpoint, in comparison to smoking. One Dynavap employee has personally attested that he felt less winded while doing physical activities after switching over to vaping. Vaping also allows for cleaner consumption of cannabis — allowing for a less harsh experience instead of combusting the material and putting chemicals created by that action into your lungs. Vaping also provides a better experience and allows people to taste the nuances of the material they’re consuming in comparison to traditional smoking methods. With vaping, those nuances become more pronounced and noticeable. Plus, with vaping, the smell dissipates faster and doesn’t hang on clothing, which allows people to enjoy cannabis in a more stealth fashion and be able to go about their daily lives afterward.

By dialing in the temperature, you can alter the effects by controlling which compounds are vaporized allowing you to customize your experience regardless of strain. Low temperatures will vaporize more of the compounds that give you the feeling of euphoria, creativity, and being energized. Overindulgence will have the opposite of the desired effect so consume responsibly. Higher temperatures will vaporize the more sedative compounds giving you that body relaxation you may be looking for.

Give vaporization a try and let us know what your favorite difference is in the comments. If you want to purchase a DynaVap vaporizer visit: https://www.dynavap.com/ or email jeff@dynavap.com with any questions.


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